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Sync not working properly? v29.01

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First of all, I am back to using Firefox after using Chrome for years. I have not used the sync feature in FF before, but I loved how it worked perfectly in Chrome. It makes the browser exactly the same on all of my PCs. I'm trying to get Sync in FF to do the same. I installed FF on my most used PC, setup a sync account, and configured FF to my liking. Then I went ahead and installed FF on my other PCs.

The sync setting seems to be hit and miss with me. Is sync supposed to make your browser exactly the same between devices? ie icon layouts, add ons, tweaks made in about:config, bookmarks, passwords etc.? Because not everything seems to be syncing between my devices. These are the changes I've made to FF and what does and doesn't sync.

1. Reversed the order of the icons in the top right (home, downloads, booksmarks) - Doesn't sync 2. Removed the little search bar in the top right - Doesn't sync 3. Added/removed some icons from the menu box - Doesn't sync 4. Removed the bookmarks toolbar - Doesn't sync 5. Changed the behavior of new tab to go to my homepage instead of the default page in about:config - Doesn't sync 6. Added one add on to FF - Doesn't sync 7. Changed some things in the options (disabled smooth scrolling, ask me where to download files) - Doesn't sync 8. Bookmarks - Successfully sync 9. Changed homepage to Google's homepage - Successfully sync 10. Passwords - Successfully sync 11. History - Successfully sync

Also, when you make changes to your browser on one machine, does FF automatically save these settings so that other devices can sync up?

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Sync in Firefox doesn't work they same as Chrome. Your list looks correct to me. Sync won't sync toolbar layouts or about:config changes. Some options should sync - I'm not sure why they aren't (I'm seeing that too). I'm investigating that now.

More info here - How do I choose what information to sync on Firefox?

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Thanks for the response.

I added another add on just to test, and it does in fact sync to my other computer. It didn't seem to be syncing when I first installed FF on my other PCs. I had to manually get the add on.

Also, shouldn't basic settings sync? ie: turning off smooth scrolling, setting FF to ask me where to download files rather than the predetermined location?

Not a big deal I guess. Syncing what it does is still very helpful. I just wish it synced everything.

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Hi, Yes you would think it should sync basic settings and it does sync some of them. Here's how to see what is (sorry this isn't pretty):

  1. Type about:config in the address bar. Say you'll be careful.
  2. Search for services.sync.prefs.sync

That is the list of prefs that are synced.

Hope that's helpful, Michael

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I hope Mozilla continues improving the sync feature and making more things sync between devices.

Not a deal breaker at all. I'm happy to be back using FF. Google has lost me due to forcing their services on us with no way of disabling them. But that's another topic. :)

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Note that you can create additional services.sync.prefs.sync.* prefs in case you want to sync specific prefs.