L10N guidelines for reviewing translated articles

Our Knowledge Base L10N reviewers are contributors (volunteer and staff) who translate existing Knowledge Base documentation into other languages. Like the title says, this article covers guidelines for reviewing translated articles.

The first step is to have reviewer rights. The locale leader can grant them to you, so ask your locale leader. In case there isn't one or he or she isn't active ask for help on the L10n Forum.

In your Localization Dashboard scroll down to Unreviewed Changes to view the articles that need translation. Begin at the top of the list - it is prioritized with the most viewed articles at the top. Draft for user sabinab

When reviewing, be sure to include a message to the editor thanking them for their contribution. If you defer a revision, you should also give specific, constructive feedback about what you feel needs to change in order for the revision to be accepted. Try to be kind and welcoming, the more contributors translate, the easier it will be to maintain your locale up to date and your community healthy and fun.

Read article and correct translation. If you are unsure consider asking another localizer or the person who originally translated the article.

What needs review:

  1. Review the Slug
  2. Bulleted list item
  3. Review the Keywords
  4. Review Article
  5. Correct for typos and small mistakes

Needs changes

When approving a revision, you have to decide what, if anything, still needs to be changed. If everything specified in the "Needs change comment" has been taken care of, you can uncheck it to clear the comment and approve the article. If there are still things that need to be done, make sure the checkbox is checked and update the comment. This way, we can easily keep track of what work need to be done on articles.

Spam and mistaken edits

In the case of spam, you should simply delete the revision (click the "X" in its entry in the history view). In the case of mistaken submissions (no changes) and misplaced help requests (the edit is basically a support question), you should defer and include this message in your comments:


It appears you may have been trying to get help with Firefox. If that is the case, please ask your question again here, https://support.mozilla.org/questions/new so that we can better help you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Once you've done that you can delete the revision.

Delete Spam

Note: You cannot delete an unapproved article that is spam or a support request by deleting its revisions. Refer these articles to an admin.

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