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Being a Live Chat helper is fun because you get to be someone's personal Firefox superhero and you don't even have to be a Firefox expert to do it. Most of the questions that people ask have already been answered by a Knowledge Base article. All you have to do is help walk them through it. Then, as you become more familiar with how to troubleshoot Firefox, you can start to take on more advanced questions. If you ever run into problems, there's always a group of Live Chat helpers in the #sumo IRC channel that can help you out.

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How to get started

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Live Chat helpers need the open source Spark instant messenger client. The Spark client, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, allows contributors to accept chats from a queue and use advanced features like canned responses. See Installing and Configuring Spark for a detailed guide on setting up the Spark client.

f0959b41b39bffaed170eb4b0b5827fe-1280509078-3-1.png Get Started - Once you have Spark, it's easy to get started helping.

Tip: Type sumobot status to check the current status.

f0959b41b39bffaed170eb4b0b5827fe-1280509085-297-1.png Important details

  • Make sure to read the rules for users and volunteers.
  • You will start out in a special workgroup called Trainees, where other helpers will invite you to participate in their chats. Make sure to ask in the Contributors chat room when you're ready for another chat!
  • Supporting users is a team effort - Live Chat contributors use the Contributors room to share tips and advice, so it is important that everyone joins. Spark will automatically join Contributors when you connect, and you can rejoin if necessary.

If you have questions about getting started with Live Chat, you can ask in the #sumo channel on

Other ways to do chat

If you are a trainee to take chats, you can use the following online clients:


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