Installing and Configuring Spark

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Users looking for help will be able to access Live Chat via a web applet. People giving support, though, need to install and run a client locally. While we recognize that not having to install a new app to give support is ideal, we feel the features the open source Spark client provides are more than worth it.

Please note that installing Spark is not what you need to do if you are looking for help. Then you most likely want to start a new chat when the chat is open, or ask a question. Spark is only needed for helpers - the people who provide help to the users. If that's the case, continue reading below.

The settings on this page are specifically for Firefox Support's Live Chat server. If you wish to connect to any other server you must contact that site for configuration and connection settings.

Download the Spark client for your OS

Note: Windows users most likely want to download the version that ends in "online.exe".


  • Windows: Run the installer and follow the guided installation.
  • Mac: Mount the DMG image and drag Spark to Applications.
  • Linux (32-bit): Extract the .tar.gz file to your home folder. To run Spark, type ~/Spark/Spark (/path/to/Spark/Spark if you extracted elsewhere).
  • Linux (64-bit): Manually compiling Spark from source is required. This is not difficult, but requires a JDK (Sun Java SE or OpenJDK) and the Ant build tool. If you need help, join #sumo on


  1. Click on "Advanced".
  2. In the General tab uncheck "Automatically discover host and port".
  3. Host is Port is 5222.
    • Note: make sure that "Use OLD SSL port method" is not checked.
  4. Click OK.

Create an Account

  1. Create a SUMO account on the registration page if you don't have one already.
  2. Test your account by logging into Spark (see below).

Your account will have to be approved before you can help users, but you'll be able to log in and be invited to user chats. See Helping with Live Chat for instructions.

Log in

  1. At the main Spark window fill in your username and password.
  2. Server is (some users report having to use the IP and port -
  3. Check "Save Password" and/or "Auto Login" if you like. Note: Spark launches at startup so you may not wish to check Auto Login as well.
  4. Click "Login".

If you have problems creating an account or configuring Spark, you can get assistance on IRC using #sumo on

We highly recommend you turn on sounds, especially if you plan on accepting more than one chat session at once.

  1. In the menu Click on Spark and select Preferences.
  2. In the left pane click on the "Sounds" icon.
  3. We recommend checking "Play sound when new message arrives" and "Play sound when invitation is received."
  4. Click close to exit the Preferences window.

Rules and Code of Conduct

The rules are still being worked out, but are basically going to be an enforcement of common sense with patience for the users. See them here Mozilla Support rules and guidelines

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