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New windows in Firefox 29 on Windows 8.1 don't open fully maximized when clicked through a link

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New problem in firefox 29:

When I click a link that opens the new page in a new window, the window pops open in the last partially maximized state that it was in. Should I maximize the new window (in Windows 8.1) and close it and re-click the original link, the window opens again in the partially maximized state, not the last fully maximized state that I previously closed it in.

To create it as I've encountered it:

-go to

-click on any article. the default behavior should be to open the article in a new window

-the window won't be maximized in my experience

-you can maximize the window and then close the window/ article

-re-click on the same article and the new window should appear again in the non-maximized state, not the fully maximized state that you closed it in previously

One point of note. Right-clicking the same link that opens the new window and specifically choosing "Open Link in New Window" DOES open the new window in a fully maximized state. I repeat, the new window does open fully maximized when you choose "Open Link in New Window" from the right-click drop downs menu. But, this doesn't happen with the simple left-click, which I'm concerned with.

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I face the same problem.

horizontal scrollbar also missing too.

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Same here on Win7 x64 - definitely a bug..

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It's the problem with enable title bar. We have to disable title bar to solve this problem.

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confirmed.. however, tabs must also be enabled! if you disable tabs (e.g. with the "hide tab bar with one tag" addon), the title bar will be automatically shown for this window, even if you have disabled it...

anyway, requiring "titlebar disabled" for remembering the window size for a new window is a bug..

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Yes, To fix these issue non-maximize windows.

1. Disable "Hide Tab Bar With One Tab" addon.

2. Disable Titlebar.

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Any idea when this bug will be fixed?

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Same problem here. I'm using Win 7. I don't, and won't, use tabs.

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There is at least one other thread on this issue and a member posted a solution:

Go to About:Config Change value from 2 to 1

This does work, but he failed to mention that it doesn't open a new window. It just opens the link in the same window, so technically, you're not getting that un-maximized window.

I made a suggestion in the other thread that if Mozilla isn't gonna fix this bug, maybe someone could write an add-on that forces new windows to open maximized.

We'll see...

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It's working now. I remember past updates when I had to train FF to open at fullscreen with a new window. It just took a little longer this time. My temporary fix was to stretch the new window as big as it would go. The new windows then looked almost fullscreen.

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I tried that, but it didn't work.

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I have the same problem, didn't find this thread before creating mine (sorry). I don't use tabs, and want a maximized window without right clicking and picking menu item, or shift clicking.

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@androidlove: no, that's not "working now"! That's "ok, I'll just live with the bug and make my little windows bigger"...

Are you also aware that the new window opened this way lacks a horizontal scroll bar and won't show you link targets at the bottom (when you hover over a link with the mouse), until you manually resize that window again?

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Sorry, It only works when I center click. Perhaps that was always working. If a link automatically opens, the window is not maximized.

Novgorod, I get the horizontal scroll bar. I don't have that bottom bar active, so it's no difference for me. The link pops up anyway in the lower left.

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Do you get the horizontal scroll bar from the beginning (i.e. on click on a target=_blank link) or after you resize the window? Of course, it only appears if it is required by the displayed site. For me, in that case I only get it after I resize the window (even minimally). This is also mentioned in the bug report.

Also, I wasn't talking about that "addon bar" at the bottom; and the normal status bar was removed long time ago from FF. I'm talking about the target address preview at the bottom (left or right) which appears only if you hover with the mouse over a link. You should always have this feature. However, it's not there when the window was opened in this way until it is resized (even minimally)...

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My horizontal scrollbar and statusbar are hidden too. We have to resize and then horizontal scrollbar and statusbar will show again.

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Reverted back to version 28.0, 29 just isnt working, layout is a mess. (Ok i got the old layout back by installing and setting up Classic Theme Restorer, but once you remove the orange title bar, the screen resize bug appears.) Also its a very bad thing such a large graphical overhaul took place without prior notice. If i wanted google Chrome i would have just installed that, dont need FF to provide me with it. Might upgrade again if bugs and layout are changed, otherwise ill stay with 28.0 or maybe start using Waterfox.

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Ah, it's that horrible orange button's fault. I too have plugins to make FF not be like Chrome. Google told me and a whole bunch of others we'll take tabs and we'll like it. I already have tabs on the Windows taskbar that automatically hide. There are a few of us who care about screen real estate and style (the useless distracting orange button). My FF has one thin black toolbar at top with the bare minimum of controls. It would be nice to be able to get rid of the Windows menu bar at top.

I have Win 7 tweaked to be more like XP with many registry hacks. These hacks represent many who thought the changes were inefficient. FF is now the same.

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From my 20 years exp. any software that didn't listen customers, they won't change forever. Let's find a new company.

Firefox now coded to beta v35 and still use Australis UI.

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It occurred to me that there's little real estate difference between Chrome and FF, because Chrome gets rid of the Windows task bar. However, despite FF losing the ability to remember the position of the bookmarks in a reopened slider, the FF slider is FAR superior to the Chrome tree.

I have a dual 32/64 processor. I won't go 64 bit due to the older software I use. I don't want to take a chance on incompatibility. So, that rules out Waterfox.

Man, how did IE get to be so slow and horrible?

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