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Firefox 28 stops responding at Facebook dynamic search.

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Whenever I use Facebook dynamic search, Firefox stops responding. This issue also involves writing a new post/comment using the at-sign, which starts dynamic user search.

  • Before update from FF27 to FF28 it did not happen. (I use Windows 7.)
  • Safe mode does not help.
  • Clearing cache and deleting Facebook cookies does not help. Neither new profile nor clean install helps.
  • There are no crash reports within Firefox as well as no Windows error logs generated.
  • Other browsers on this computer do not have this problem, another computer with FF28 that I use works well. Firefox 28 on this computer with Ubuntu Linux works.

Edit: I got Firefox not responding even at going through conversations (messages). So I can generalize that any operation at Facebook, during which three "waiting" bars appear, can lead to the not-responding state of Firefox.

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Please note the question owner xmrazik is working away tirelessly to try to help figure out this problem.

Perhaps others wishing to lend a hand may like to try using Windows SafeMode. Please scroll up to my comment posted 5th April /questions/991572?page=3#answer-553269.

Note 'xmrazik is currently not able to reproduce the issue in Windows Safe Mode.

Please do NOT revert to Firefox 27. It is not supported and not secure. If you need to be able to

use Facebook without problems

I would suggest you install as an additional browser the third party build

It is quick and easy to install and does not interfere with your ordinary Firefox Release. It is secure and it will work with facebook without this problem.

Better still try in Windows Safe Mode and then work to identify what change caused the facebook problem. That helps everyone, improves the advice we can give and may lead to a proper fix.

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When Mozilla provides a browser version that doesn't freeze my PCs every time I try to do anything in a webpage (not just Facebook), that's when I'll go back to FF 28 or beyond.

Until then, FF 27 is working properly for me and, as with its original installs on my PCs, doesn't have any FF "not responding" freezes -- even though everything else on my PCs has remained the same except for reverting to a prior version of FF.

Something is wrong with FF 28 that wasn't a problem in FF 27.

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Something is wrong on a minority of user's systems that causes problems with Facebook on Firefox 27 but not Firefox 28.

The problems may disappear in Windows safemode. That may be a useful clue

You are free to use whatever software you choose but you increase risks to your computer and personal data if you use an insecure and unsupported Firefox 27.

Why not use Firefox 28 for most browsing and use IE for facebook until; with help from those seeing problems; we are able to find the root cause of this problem and provide a fix or at least better advice and a workaround. Another alternative workaround may be to use Firefox portable ESR for facebook as mentioned in my last post above.

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Just to add, setting network.dns.disablePrefetch is not a clue.

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"FF 27 was fine up until a week or two ago, so I don't think it's going to kill me or my computers to go with that version until the folks at Mozilla work out whatever bug(s) have arisen in FF28. "


I agree -- your death is unlikely. And, as long as you don't connect the computers to the Internet, FF 28 probably won't kill your computers, either.

Otherwise, you are trading certain freezing for possible computer pwnage. FF 27 was not fine -- it just didn't freeze on Facebook. Your call, obviously.

The four showstopper bugs fixed in FF 28 are now publicly known.

To others who may be thinking about going back to FF 27: john99 gave you some good advice above.

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"Something is wrong on a minority of user's systems that causes problems with Facebook on Firefox 27 but not Firefox 28."

As I know I've mentioned several times previously above, my freezing problems that arrived with the update to FF28 across three different machines pretty much impacted any webpage browsing and had nothing particular to do with trying to access Facebook.

I'm hoping, if I repeat that now for about the fourth time, the very astute readers here will finally take note of that fact.

I have seemed to gain some improvement on 1 machine still running FF 28 by doing the FF reset and then uninstalling and reinstalling all of my FF extensions. When I started from scratch, some seemed to update to newer versions than those reached thru the regular update command.

And on that FF 28 machine, the freezing problems now seem to have lessened.

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"I'm hoping, if I repeat that now for about the fourth time, the very astute readers here will finally take note of that fact. "


My level of astuteness is something for you and others to determine, but I am astute enough to know that you are posting on the wrong thread. Your problem is an SAT question: "Which of these is not like the others?"

john99 has repeatedly given us good advice about starting a new thread for different problems, as well as for safer workarounds than using FF 27. Good luck with your problem.

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Hi jfchandler,
Sorry if you are having problems with Firefox and may seem to be be ignored when you ask for help.

We would be happy to to help you but can I again suggest you start you own thread by asking your own question. If you do that please try to follow the prompts to include troubleshooting information that is likely to assist those trying to help you.

I think Fx28 Windows XPs may have a problem but I am not going to look at all your posts in various threads to figure out if that may apply to you

  1. Please use /questions/new to post a question
  2. You my even wish to post back in this thread once you have done that, others may be interested in your problem and its solution

Note forum guidelines say

 For support requests, do not re-use existing threads started by others, even if they are seemingly on the same subject.  

I am not trying to be awkward and ignore your troubles. I am trying to suggest the method by which you are most likely to get help with the problem.

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There it goes, finally I could reproduce this.

I think this is a combination of the script/facebook api/browser/win 8/7. Old and new account do this. 28-29 32 bit/

aurora then has a class not registered error... that is another issue.

However after launching again with remember tabs from last time the facebook account is not logged in. I tried 7 words in a row

In the error console there is a mixed content warning.

GET [Mixed Content][HTTP/1.1 200 OK 19ms] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 19ms] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 219ms] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 346ms] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 599ms] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 184ms] Loading mixed (insecure) display content on a secure page " out...... GET [Mixed Content][HTTP/1.1 200 OK 126ms] POST https:

So there is a mixed content warning in there and a security warning right before it stopped responding- these might also not be related, but I will turn on mixed content for the page. There were no windows events either- as expected.

I am wondering if it is an over all performance issue. I tested 29b version on a 4gb comp and the cpu did not reach 100% like it did in the task manager of the windows machine. The dmp file I created while it was not responding has insufficient resources errors.

I also did an analysis on Firebug with the Yslow extention. That dynamic search has 43040 dom elements on the page, has many redirects and 404 not found issues. There is a built in max word length that stops you from typing and opens a web search.

I will leave the app not responding until is crashes to see if I can generate a report.

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I wasn't asking for any "help" here. I was contributing to the discussion, and pointing out that the FF 28 freezing problem isn't just limited to when the user is accessing Facebook webpages.

As I said above, my FF28 freezing problems appear to have subsided on two different Windows 7 machines once I did the FF Reset and uninstalled and then started with an entirely new set of FF extensions.

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This thread though is not about general problems with Firefox freezing. The title is Firefox 28 stops responding at Facebook dynamic search.

If a machine is freezing when on other sites, or in other circumstances; it is possibly not the issue we are discussing here.

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Ok everyone, it looks like there was a patch for the first bug that was found on this issue. Thank you all for your troubleshooting. As the review takes place the third bug has been improved in 29.0, 30.0 and 31.0 builds. It does not specify what operating systems as they were identified, however follow that first bug for users having issue with hangs.

Thank you everyone, this had been one of the best threads so far this week :-)

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I upgraded to 29 and it still happens but far less often.

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soo...probably a stupid do we upgrade to 29+?

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When using FF 28 nothing froze or hung except when typing in a comment or status update and that stupid dynamic search drop down menu with suggestions appeared. At the same time it hung, task manager showed FF was using 90-100% of my CPU. There is nothing wrong with my computer and I resent the fact you're trying to blame users for this. As for using Windows Safe Mode, do you really expect users to do that just so they can use Facebook?

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I installed FF 29 and it is the exact same piece of garbage 28 is. Still hangs whenever I try to post a comment or status on Facebook. Please don't lie and say they fixed the bug-they didn't.

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I would not like to pretend this cures all problems or even the issues discussed in this thread. However for the more advanced users and those trying to test and compare Firefox behaviour this may help as an explanation of how to use Firefox Beta as an additional browser

For a fuller explanation with further links you may also be interested in a previous post I made about running multiple Firefox versions and / or multiple configurations by making multiple profiles. If necessary Firefox instances may be run simultaneously for side by side comparison.

Modified by John99

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I'm going back to FF 27. I get the feeling FF would rather blame us users than admit FF28 has serious issues.

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It would be best to avoid using Firefox 27.
Fx27 can no longer be considered secure.
Mozilla will offer that advice, and others in this thread have also done so.

Most of us here are just users like myself and you. It is not about blaming anyone, certainly not blaming ourselves as users. There may or may not be a fault in Firefox; if so it is about collecting information so it may be fixed, and regardless of where any fault is, endeavouring to find out if there are any workarounds that can help.

My personal Unofficial advice:
You would be better using ESR than Fx 27 because at least ESR is secure. (If you read official Mozilla advice it would say ESR is not for private individuals - so that means use another browser ! )

guigs2 is part of the HelpDesk and as professional Mozilla staff probably the best person to comment on Bug progress. By that I mean what is being done if any of this is a fault requiring a fix in Firefox.

Windows Safe Mode
This is a troubleshooting step. No one is saying always use the computer in Windows safemode, or for that matter in Firefox safe mode. If Firefox handles dynamic search on Facebook when Windows SafeMode is used the main problem is something that is changed when in Windows safemode. That suggests the problem is dependent on something related to Windows

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