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where can I download esr?

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I frequently install Firefox for others with the goal of having a secondary browser, a simpler browser, a more stable browser, and/or a safer browser(with NoScript) than IE. Many are confused by constant updates moving buttons around and new settings blocking access to their common websites, so I choose to use the ESR version. It has always been more difficult to find, but it has gotten nearly impossible now without hitting ftp.

Why is the ESR version made so hard to find?

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Hi 'Nar!!! This is DaveCMozilla. I understand that you want to download the ESR version of Firefox. If I understand this correctly, the ESR version is more stable than the regular version of Firefox. I also understand that you are having difficulty finding a download link for downloading the ESR version of Firefox. Unfortunately, the ESR version of Firefox is NOT available to the public. The link and notation, below the link, explains why.

The article explains a little about the ESR version and why the general public is being denied access. I'm basing this on the question asked in the ESR question, "Who should use Mozilla Firefox ESR?" Technically, this version is meant for organizations that manage their client desktops, including schools, businesses and other institutions that want to offer Firefox. The enhancements made in the ESR version was designed for custom-made desktops which are equipped to use the ESR version of Firefox. There are also some risks involved with using the ESR version:

    * The ESR will not have the benefit of large scale testing by nightly and beta groups. As a result, the potential for the introduction of bugs which affect ESR users will be greater, and that risk needs to be understood and accepted by groups that deploy it. To help mitigate these risks, Mozilla will be asking organizations that deploy the ESR for assistance with testing alpha and/or beta builds of the ESR with their user base.
  • Over time the ESR will be less secure than the regular release of Firefox, as new functionality will not be added at the same pace as Firefox, and only high-risk/impact security patches will be back ported. It is important that organizations deploying this software understand and accept this.
  • There is the potential for confusion among Firefox users between the regular release of Firefox and the ESR. To help lessen the potential of confusion between releases, the ESR will be an associative brand of Firefox (e.g. Mozilla Firefox ESR). Specific naming has not been finalized, but the intent is to be clear that the releases are based on a released version of Firefox.
  • Maintaining the ESR will consume development resources that will impact the regular release of Mozilla products. Mozilla will need to build capability in back-porting, and will actively solicit the community for assistance in reducing the resource requirements of maintaining the ESR.
  • The ESR is specifically targeted at groups looking to deploy it within a managed environment. It is not intended for use by individuals, nor as a method to mitigate compatibility issues with add-ons or other software. Mozilla will strongly discourage public (re)distribution of Mozilla-branded versions of the ESR.


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davecmozilla wrote: Unfortunately, the ESR version of Firefox is NOT available to the public.

It IS available to the public, it is just targeted towards Enterprise and other IT manage users in mind as the public would normally use the Release builds from

That faq page was written before or during Firefox 10.0 ESR version as Firefox 10.0 was the first Release version used for ESR channel and Mozilla never really intended The ESR to be used by regular users in mind then though nothing states that regular users could not use it.

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DaveCMozilla: Many users I deal with are not even aware of what browser they are running, and they cannot figure out why websites no longer work. While a secure browser is an ideal situation, a useable browser is more realistic. The faster changes are implemented, the more insecure the browser becomes. New features bring new vulnerabilities as well as confusion by moving buttons and features. I disagree with integrating the updates and upgrades a while back, so I support the most stable browser I can. And by stable I mean unchanging. I want updates, not upgrades.

Thanks James. I never saved that link before since I could always find it by searching goolge for "firefox esr all." That no longer works, so I wondered if there was a new push to restrict its' access. Since I am often on other users' computers, saving the link does not do me much good there.

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Sorry, Cor-el had my answer. Thanks to you for the most direct answer.

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