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I want my Thumbnails Back NOW please - I want my Home Page to be the 28 Top Sites I LIKE - please not the rubbish page AND an earlier version Firefox that work

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This did not work this time - I blame the update - your updates can sometimes be as troublesome as Windows I want my home page to be MY chosen FoxTabs - all 28 and please let them be the "NEW TAB" solution - why do you have to go about "FIXING" what aint damned well broke - it worked perfectly for me I arranged it - and it was fine every time - then this up daye and with it came a new "New Tab" abd an updated Start page where I had to type everything in

Can you let me keep the little blue button like a Jigsaw piece - it worked and was very nice Otherwise let me have my Top Sites and them in my New Tab TOO please

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try to reset firefox ,it helps you to sort out :

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Note that your System Details List shows that you have a user.js file in the profile folder to initialize some prefs each time you start Firefox.

The user.js file is only present if you or other software has created it, so normally it wouldn't be there. You can check its content with a plain text editor if you didn't create this file yourself.

The user.js file is read each time you start Firefox and initializes preferences to the value specified in this file, so preferences set via user.js can only be changed temporarily for the current session.

You can check in "Windows Control Panel > Programs" for recently installed programs (sort by "Installed on") to see if anything from Conduit or any other suspicious software shows up.

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FoxTab has been having a lot of issues with version 12 of the Adobe Flash Player.

I see you installed FoxTab 1.4.10 from the "Versions" page. A new version 1.4.11 was released last week. Maybe that will help?

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thanks for trying BUT - still cannot use my Top Sites - I have had to run malwarebytes and Ccleaner and then System Restore - to clean the crap out - I hope it has turned out to be an earlier version of Firefox - because NOW I may get some luck I may need to reinstall COMPLETELY - Top Sites and have them as my New Tab Site and my home page too - this is how it was until the UPDATES - not just yours - firefox updates - but Fixit Reader - and some revolting thing called mysearch - to whom I wrote "one of my notes" - the content of which could be termed peremptory and rather rudely put Nopw I shall re-install my top sites tomorrow Fleming is on TV - but I shall be back - thanks again - Patricia

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Your System Details List shows that the new tab page and the home page have been hijacked by search.conduit


Did you look in the Windows Control Panel for recently installed Conduit software as there is where this software usually installs itself?

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cor-el - I might have guessed you would find something - well right - I have been hi-jacked - to the extent that I cannot even get my FoxTab back - cannot install it I seen to have Firefox 27 I would eally appreciate your help AGAIN - Did you look in the Windows Control Panel for recently installed Conduit software as there is where this software usually installs itself? The Heck you say !! do you mean it installs - kind of sneaky I could - yes - look for it by name - or the fact that is must have installed itself today THANKS - I shall go to my control panel and look for something to uninstall but will probably have to get back to you on this thanks again

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I went to the Control Panel on this PC and looked to uninstall the programs - stuff - I am lost for words - how Windows can think they have the right to just screw about with a person's Computer is beyond ME I just have to get out of here - - see if I can get a nights sleep - there was no mention of Search - Conduit - nothing like that - and my Fox Tabs now will not even install for me - I wanted to go back and completely re-install - but this has not been possible When I did the system restore . I went back to the 18th this month how am I going to find where they are - Conduit whatever - they do not seem to be in my Control panel

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If Conduit no longer shows in the Windows Control Panel then all you would have to do is to reset those two prefs via the right-click context menu to the default value. That probably won't give you the FoxTab page and you may have to check that if the options of this extension and possibly uninstall and reinstall this extension.

Did you already delete the user.js in the Firefox profile folder?

You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Show Folder (Linux: Open Directory; Mac: Show in Finder)

Note that Windows hides some file extensions by default.
Among them are .html and .ini and .js and .txt, so you may only see the User name without file extension.
You can see the real file type (file extension) in the properties of the file via the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer.

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Thank you - but I thought of looking for it in Window's Search - and with that I was shown a program called Spyhunter - they are running now - I have been told so far that Gator - MyWebSearch and yes - Conduit and others are being deleted by SpyHunter - that turned up as I was looking for the Conduit thing - in the search bar (bottom left on my browser) Your second para - I understand nothing I shall let my Techie Buddy see it - perhaps he will know what to make of it Thanks again I hope to let you know what this SpyHunter reports to me