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When will Shumway become enabled by default in Firefox?

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I saw Shumway getting into Firefox recently, though it's disabled by default.

According to what I read - it seems like there's still quite a few miles to go through until Shumway can truely replace Adobe Flash Player's functionality.

When is it expected to be enabled by default in Firefox versions? (effectively replacing Adobe Flash Player for users)

I couldn't find an answer to this question in

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Yeah, It doesn't even work with youtube yet (when i tried) and it was expected around Firefox 28, but I think it will be delayed.

Note that most of the contributors are volunteers like me and don't work for mozilla.

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It was expected to be enabled-by-default as of Firefox 28? When is Firefox 28 scheduled for release? (I saw it's scheduled to move to Beta as of Feb 2014, but what is the planned release date?)

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March 17th, 2014.


Also, heres the proof that it is aimed to release Firefox 28.

Target Milestone: Firefox 28

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Thanks, twice.

The missing piece of the puzzle for me now is: the bug link you pasted indeed designated Firefox 28 as the target - however, the bug itself is titled "add built-in SWF support to Firefox with Shumway" - it doesn't say anything about whether Shumway will be enabled by default.

How do I get that answer? (original question: at what version+date will Shumway become the default Flash player in Firefox)

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Yeah I couldn't find anything at all.

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Well thanks again for trying :)

Is there anywhere else I can ask around? who decides on the Firefox roadmap - people working for Mozilla? any way to contact them? (I thought these forums would get the job done)

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Now is not really the time for trying to get information from Mozilla. Virtually everyone who works for Mozilla is on a two week break for the holidays (although a skeleton crew may be in the offices), from what I read last week. That is one reason that the originally scheduled Jan 21 release / merge date was moved 2 weeks to Feb 4th, to allow for a full 6 week development period without being shorted by a two week holiday break as happened the last two years since Rapid Release was instituted. IOW, Firefox 27 will be in Beta for 8 calendar weeks, and the Aurora & Nightly builds will be the same 8 week cycle.

IMHO, Shumway may not make even it into Firefox 28, there is no pref named shumway.disabled = True which is an oblique indication that a feature has been added to Firefox code for preliminary testing by users.

Nightly Firefox 29 has that preference, and users who want to test Shumway can toggle that preference to false. The Candy Crush game demo for Shumway - - is working in Firefox Nightly 29, after toggling shumway.disabled to false. So my guess is that's the earliest we can expect to see Shumway.

Since Nightly is where new features are added to the mozilla-central branch (the path towards release) after being developed, a pref such as that is an indication that the feature may be coming to release in 18 weeks. It would be unusual for Mozilla to add a new feature like that to Aurora without the feature hitting Nightly first.