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Restore bookmarks


I have an Acer with a file back-up program. I backed up my bookmarks to a file on my external drive and restored the computer to its original settings. The back-up did not pull the .json file rather it grabbed them and turned them into a folder called "Bookmarks Menu" with all of my bookmark files and links in them, just as it would look on Firefox. I moved the file to my desktop and draged the folder into the bookmarks menu. When I did that it created the following link: file:///C:/Users/Chris/Desktop/Bookmarks%20Menu/ in the bookmarks menu. I'm totally lost on what to do here to get the links back in and displaying normally.

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I haven't heard of this feature before, but perhaps your Acer back-up software converted your Firefox bookmarks into Internet Explorer-style favorites. If you open that folder outside of Firefox (as you would open any other folder of files), do they look like shortcuts to web pages?

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To continue that thought, if they do look like IE Favorites, try dragging that Bookmarks Menu folder into your Windows Favorites folder and check in IE to see whether they transferred over.

If that looks good, you could use the export/import method to transfer them to Firefox. This will require some reorganization, unfortunately, but hopefully will get everything.

Any luck?

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I'm not all that familiar with how IE works, I have always used firefox. I uploaded a screenshot of what I am working with, which shows up at the bottom of this page. I will try the windows favorites suggestion and see how that pans out.

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Yes, those looks like IE-style shortcuts. If you try the drag-drop-export-import approach in my earlier post can you get the bookmarks into Firefox?

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Your solution worked great. Thanks for your help!