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Without updating any plugins, how do I prevent, remove or disable the requirement to "Click to Activate Plugins?"

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I want to reverse, undo, prevent, disable or even remove the following (see link below), WITHOUT having to change versions, or update actual plugins:

I repeat, WITHOUT having to change my Firefox version, change the plugin version, or UPDATE versions on either.

I want Firefox to quit bugging me about having to ACTIVATE a DEACTIVATED plugin.

I DO NOT want to UPDATE VERSIONS of plugins or the browser and I DO NOT want to have to "click to activate plugins."

It seems that Firefox collaborates with plugins to determine if the vendor has put out a new update. If there is a new update, Firefox inconveniences me.

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Let me see if I can summarize your request:

  • You do not want to upgrade to Firefox 23 despite the publicly disclosed security flaws.
  • You want Firefox to stop blocking vulnerable or dangerous plugins, just let them run no matter how bad they are.

Is that correct?

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Your reply is not helpful because you offer no solution to the given issue and you have only reworded my issues in a manner that is derogatory.

This is considered trolling.

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Hi Boaster, I'll take your answer to mean "Yes, I fully understand that my request exposes my computer and data to the risk of being used, deleted or stolen." On that basis, please see this thread: (link removed as it was deemed unhelpful)

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Do not reply to this thread. You are not helpful.

Additionally, do not speak for me. One simply does not speak for another in the real world, save for those who desire harm be done to thine self.

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Mozilla is very concerned about each users security by providing security fixes for Firefox when they are needed. That concern includes the security of each plugin that Firefox uses by urging users to update those plugins. When deemed necessary, Mozilla will disable a plugin for the user when the known exploit is severe enough.

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Chosen Solution

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Thank you cor-el. You were the most helpful in this matter, as you gave a direct answer.

The rest, I can only say that they have failed. They would not attempt to address the issue, but would rather dance about the issue and give some mock bureaucratic replies.

Again, thank you cor-el.

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My security is none of your business. You are intruding into personal life of any person using your browser. Your market share is already going down. For me, FF browser is on the borderline, but it looks like the balance is moving to the side of FF being too intrusive. Only few month ago I managed to to block your automatic updates, now you are bugging me with every pdf file I open. Could let me decide if they are dangerous or not?

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Security on the we is everyone's business, your infected machine can cause other machines to be infected, the information stolen from your computer can contain other people's information, etc. Sorry, but security is no longer optional on the web, staying out of date is no longer something you should do, it's something you have to do.

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Tylerdowner, you offer nothing but an opinion in the matter. The matter at hand has been answered and you can offer nothing more to the conversation.

If you want to make someone else's security your priority, you need to get into the field or go into business for that purpose and build clientele that are happy with the services you provide.

This is a support forum, not an opinion forum. Get off my thread.

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Boaster, the answer is the answer. I'm locking this thread as there is nothing more to add here.

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