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Adobe flash plugin keeps crashing. Please help!

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So my adobe flash plugin apparently keeps crashing and this has been going on for awhile now. When I watch videos on youtube, the audio will stutter. Sometimes the video will crash too and whenever I watch a video on, the video is constantly freezing and/or crashing. I've tried using the 'safe mode" version of firefox and the problem still happens. This is so frustrating, someone please help.

Chosen solution

acidhead, Thanks for reporting your solution to Flash lockups, which included reinstalling the Flash plugin after first doing a complete uninstall, including manual removal of leftover Flash files and folders.

For the benefit of others reading, Adobe includes instructions for uninstalling Flash on Windows in their own help article (linked from the Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems Firefox article) which is:

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I have the same problem.

I had the same issue a couple months ago in previous versions of both firefox (22?) and flash (11.something).

I scoured the internet for solutions, reinstalled both, and ended up reverting to flash 10.3. This works for me basically everywhere even since I updated firefox. I have occasional hiccups on youtube, but it's not frequent enough to make the odd f5 an inconvenience.

The only site that flash 10.3 fails me on is, so I just tried updating flash to 11.8. Same situation as before, so I'm back to 10.3.

So the thrust of it is that I'm another person who is having this problem and that I recommend flash 10.3 to anyone seeking a 99.9% fix.

(Just a note that I don't have realplayer installed because that seems to be a thing. Also, I'm still on Vista.)

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The Shockwave flash crash is very annoying issue for mostly users . This Shockwave Flash Crash happens due to outdated browser, malfunctioning Windows Registry, Virus attack and corrupt DLL files. The precise and accurate solutions are given in the video tutorial that shall resolve your problem amicably.

Best of luck

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Oh, baloney. Flash works just fine in Chrome and Explorer, but not in Firefox (latest version). The problem is NOT a "malfunctioning Windows Registry, Virus attack and corrupt DLL files." The problem is Firefox. Fix Firefox, and you fix the problem. The solution(s) for fixing the problem given in the video avoid the problem and do not in any case (or in most cases) solve it. I mean, really: telling us to install the latest versions of the relevant software is a solution? ARE YOU SERIOUS? You think we haven't tried that?

I repeat: fix Firefox. Period. End of story. I'm outta here.

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Early days, but yesterday my computer updated Adobe Reader.

Skype Voip is now working, games in FF are working, my microphone is working (with a few necessary tweaks) and no crashing plugins.

As I said early days, but also my Dragon (DNS) is beginning to be responsive, haven't worked all the kinks, yet.

Forgive the colloquialism, it weren't FF but effing adobe, no acrobat but a twisting twanker, whatever. How about £1,000 damages for the aggravation and waste of time caused? Cheap at that price.

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This is an update from my previous post.

Most, I repeat most, of the time Firfox is working well. However a number of times in the day the plugin fails, but rectifies itself with a reload.

Play of MSN Games is a little slow and jerky, as is the response to typing in this box. Big improvement, but a little more work is required.

DNS is now functioning again, and after some effort, I managed to sort Skype.

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So, you want a list of submitted crash reports huh? you asked for it!!!

Report ID Date Submitted

bp-720de71d-aea3-4a76-8980-7732e2130918 18/09/2013 19:47 
7b9a990d-aae3-406c-822c-5faaaaf9a623 18/09/2013 19:47 
b7a37c44-71ee-48f1-9921-cb3552eb7cd6 18/09/2013 19:47 
f74099f6-1c17-47f1-90e5-a419d51f0acc 18/09/2013 19:47 
bp-3c236c8a-c827-45e6-80d6-b7f9b2130918 18/09/2013 19:47 
ded2bc58-cc19-4766-81d3-cac6a8516eb0 18/09/2013 19:47 
c28f548f-cc33-4a7a-a83e-5d5cf5141c47 18/09/2013 19:47 
7165268a-5afa-4e83-bab2-82d21b84b39d 18/09/2013 19:47 
becc12d0-980e-4919-94b2-9921dbf1fc65 18/09/2013 19:31 
70b177a8-64f9-4f86-9668-e5419321f7fd 18/09/2013 19:31 
f09dd035-e04e-4df1-9708-b80f95cc9fbf 18/09/2013 18:06 
c8c84ad0-9c6f-48a7-8217-b23bcd2f776a 18/09/2013 18:06 
200fcb87-ccb4-4152-b337-c6895641e3d9 18/09/2013 18:06 
1bd8b004-004a-4310-b46b-e834473ef0be 18/09/2013 18:06 
8561773f-5ab0-475b-b4e4-ecf4d86646bf 18/09/2013 18:06 
1c025f2e-f46b-431a-abc9-2c35306d6fca 18/09/2013 18:06 
75b7ad49-2159-4675-a268-272800a3dc72 18/09/2013 18:06 
7715fbb4-1316-48a2-af6d-45c7370db22c 18/09/2013 18:06 
cc9f7ef1-a5ce-4c00-96b8-bfc943397519 18/09/2013 18:06 
d627e340-e546-4668-8eb7-270d577306c4 18/09/2013 18:06 
363e95d0-8a20-43cd-a621-9d0e64d0c8ac 18/09/2013 18:06 
78997f71-9d8d-43b3-903b-b3770988adaa 18/09/2013 18:06 
28a519e4-e7e5-4602-9012-6a2dedb49046 18/09/2013 18:06 
0791aa25-c9d1-42d4-9924-0a0faeef7b9a 18/09/2013 18:06 
ec402ffd-5007-48cc-bdd7-56bbfdb32755 18/09/2013 18:06 
ebbb9f3c-6a55-4804-8886-322034fbad30 18/09/2013 13:44 
5fb3f651-a46d-40d4-9db6-c4f9da1aa4ac 18/09/2013 12:57 
08a26ac4-59f9-40b3-8fbe-f1d19ac9373e 18/09/2013 11:33 
91ac3344-acae-462b-b399-f5519e2726d2 18/09/2013 11:10 
e8b04bdd-4587-4077-9218-f4987d8fcf6c 18/09/2013 11:03 
4bf220fa-f6c7-4260-831a-4b8dd5d19c35 18/09/2013 10:58 
88c9ba31-0c66-4a1f-b567-76e63cb1c063 17/09/2013 17:08 
3d2909fa-1a2b-477d-b767-16460c82ba5c 17/09/2013 17:08 
8dea6610-d052-4278-9f86-31aa68cc1b64 17/09/2013 17:08 
8aa5a1b0-ea0f-4113-897f-21f100dc8ff1 17/09/2013 17:08 
d338abd8-52f5-4365-9ba5-9d46f66a2604 17/09/2013 17:08 
0e911940-5595-4e3b-b09a-70f486447b60 17/09/2013 17:08 
67a5c727-f44d-4daa-9203-9adbaa2ced6c 17/09/2013 16:53 
4588b20a-74de-42b9-84e4-0436b96ff127 17/09/2013 16:48 
3e89d47c-b668-40e5-88f2-a61be00d4e0c 17/09/2013 16:27 
e7e51029-a6bf-4e25-82b3-3244eac5d556 17/09/2013 16:27 
be8fba9f-ad16-4b23-8d8f-0f43dbbd095f 17/09/2013 16:27 
c6647787-17ac-43f2-8558-e207068255ee 17/09/2013 16:27 
83721249-469a-4fac-9e70-ca2a26083194 17/09/2013 16:27 
20209024-7ade-43e5-abd0-e661bc1bba91 17/09/2013 16:26 
6a83fbcc-6892-40c9-81b6-3470c527fa8d 17/09/2013 16:26 
ca676c5f-c8c0-4b52-ab82-c96141924a92 17/09/2013 16:26 
2fb45194-9c7a-495d-933b-2822e9c79223 17/09/2013 16:26 
75c33259-b2d6-477b-ab1d-433bc1b21d78 17/09/2013 16:26 
72df7d84-3c1e-4dfb-8091-50fc7790212c 17/09/2013 16:26 
ce3196f0-6679-40e7-975e-92082fe4d722 17/09/2013 16:23 
201ef5fc-d9c2-4a7d-b014-8216acce8e18 17/09/2013 16:20 
b41858f6-7818-4a43-a64f-bccb3934f7fe 17/09/2013 16:16 
b982fe76-a75b-4269-b1e4-5ce621a44c1c 17/09/2013 15:56 
189307e7-8c5f-4f17-b7d2-a7a159e7464b 17/09/2013 15:56 
ea76a11e-4c1c-4736-9755-b65d5adc08e2 17/09/2013 15:52 
31382628-c009-410c-a11d-4407fd7a698b 16/09/2013 17:39 
8e7d850c-daf0-4969-8c8e-fa971a966677 16/09/2013 14:24 
cd975e76-0f33-4d98-9b4d-201316c4e59b 16/09/2013 14:23 
b1216d66-94c0-4924-b97a-d0e2785a82ac 16/09/2013 14:22 
cad8d607-4a77-4add-b914-aae2d342c04c 16/09/2013 14:12 
f77fd46b-83e7-436a-9e18-ecaf54b37099 16/09/2013 14:12 
1a3b3ddf-8e43-42d6-8169-c9dab69dc4db 16/09/2013 14:11 
eb748fab-cf8a-4146-a20d-9b6c086202f0 16/09/2013 14:11 
443fe901-0373-41a5-8049-1c3044333991 16/09/2013 14:11 
252e168c-9b0c-4db6-b582-1346a51bf6fe 16/09/2013 14:10 
6ffb2852-c815-490e-ac08-df0d4c987897 16/09/2013 14:08 
1585cc0f-caba-43b3-874e-cbc4cbf5de73 16/09/2013 14:08 
985ea897-d4af-4216-b87f-5b91740029fd 16/09/2013 14:08 
db4c0227-067a-43da-a11f-6a6d1ea1dca0 16/09/2013 14:07 
3170dbcd-3500-4bef-b4e3-3835e4878ab8 16/09/2013 14:05 
2d2574c3-de56-492f-8aaa-10b71ee68cf1 16/09/2013 14:05 
c936cc06-9112-4f56-9e2c-5b6597a56a8e 16/09/2013 11:23 

and thats only last 2 days, Ive got more if you need them!!!

Modified by cor-el

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You can check for problems with current Flash plugin versions and try these:

  • disable a possible RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension for Firefox and update the RealPlayer if installed
  • disable protected mode in the Flash plugin (Flash 11.3+ on Windows Vista and later)
  • disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin
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Bad part is Smoothy, they need to start with a bp- prefix in order to troubleshoot your problem, you only have 2 of those.

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RE Cor-el All possible updates have been carried out and some plugins that are superfluous have been disabled inc realplayer. That was my first thought. Having been through the registry looking for rogue entries and verified no malware or spyware present, I am at a loss. This crash occurs at least 15-20 times daily. Annoying when your coding as you generally tend to lose work. Subsequently, now looking at either Chrome or Opera but those lack firebug and other tools. From a brief search it appears there are a number of users experiencing the same problem and that dates back to a few months so this crashing scenario can only be attributed to some recent update. Sadly, telling people to update their drivers and plugins is probably met with the same consternation as asking a car driver when they've broken down if they put fuel in it. Absolutely exasperated and totally let down by the obvious lack of support for this error. But, at least You tried.

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Nothing Mozilla has done has stopped FF from crashing. Here are my latest, about:crashes

96311287-1481-486e-8fdf-e0ac4a2676bc 9/19/2013 4:54 AM a74408ae-3022-4daf-a2c5-c2a6c22beba3 9/6/2013 8:01 AM b839bdfa-4c86-41a2-9090-84d88b01827e 8/27/2013 7:35 AM 4a88122b-f643-46f3-a6e7-0733bafb0050 8/19/2013 8:49 AM 4b105449-2abd-4b91-852c-6cb515ea735a 8/17/2013 6:03 AM

FF crashes daily, but these indicate only a few

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Will the new FF beta 26 address this issue??

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urgentoo, once again, please provide crash reports with a BP- prefix (submitted).

More information and further troubleshooting steps can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly) article.

Modified by kobe

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I've been having the same problem and have tried everything to resolve it. Downgrading Firefox helped somewhat, but didn't totally fix it. Videos rarely played on Youtube, but the main problem occurred with email. Every time Adobe Flash crashed, it caused the cursor to jump all over the place. I had difficulty responding to emails, though there was no such problem in IE. I read something on this forum about disabling Realplayer. I didn't try disabling it, I just uninstalled it as I rarely use it. That fixed it. No problems so far! So whether you're having difficulty watching videos or your cursor is going haywire, it could be an incompatibility issue with Realplayer and Firefox.

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I'm having the same problem. Firefox and Flash are up2date. Here is my most recent crash log: bp-39615ed6-ab29-4991-96a7-01dc32130924 24.09.2013 16:26 bp-483b57ad-4aa9-4ef4-8eaa-f6b802130924 24.09.2013 16:08 bp-61e9d804-bf7c-4a1c-a133-002aa2130924 24.09.2013 16:08 bp-0f4a4a97-0725-4812-a429-973982130924 24.09.2013 16:05

The other fifty or so are not uploaded due to throttling. But I can upload them if you like. ;)

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There is almost NO way that this thread will ever be solved if there are "me too" problems. Please, if you are seeking better answers, ask a new question.

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have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in setting on the video you are trying to watch?

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I really don't understand why Firefox doesn't explain clearly what's really the problem, but here it is:

If you guys, like myself, always update Adobe however when you check if the plugin is up to date it says it's still vulnerable. It's simply cause it's not compatible with the latest version of FF:

The Adobe Reader 10.1.5 and later plug-in and the Adobe Acrobat 10.1.5 plug-in and later plug-in don't function in the Macintosh Mozilla Firefox 19 and later. Use the ESR (Extended Support Release) version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

The Adobe Reader 11.0.1 plug-in and later plug-in and the Adobe Acrobat 11.0.1 and later plug-in do not function in Macintosh Mozilla FireFox 19 and later. Use the ESR (Extended Support Release) version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Isn't there a way to add whatever makes the plugin work on the ESR and the oldest versions of Firefox to the latest one? I have Chrome on my laptop but my browser is and will be FF, please let us know if there is any other alternative other than downgrading or installing the ESR version:

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bp-ab85f46d-6c0c-4e2e-95d5-901762131002 2013-10-01 14:59 7e5efdcb-d975-40c1-a8fd-d943d848cf16 2013-10-01 14:59 f9863ef5-5a24-4029-b6f6-742844cf0783 2013-10-01 14:59 56e11a68-c368-451f-a587-2e8b8b6c630b 2013-10-01 14:59 968be174-74dc-4d51-9f6e-f0585a3197dc 2013-10-01 14:59 1abaeb04-afe3-4b93-be0f-57c27ee7f0e4 2013-10-01 14:59 d63fa637-365a-44df-9dd1-ed0e373a649a 2013-10-01 14:58 ff8d2884-2c14-452d-b425-3c456f1bdf3a 2013-10-01 14:58 8cc2f8f3-e796-48f2-9245-c9dc4b2a7ebe 2013-10-01 14:58 089261bd-9514-4f10-9faf-f4f2c3e888fe 2013-10-01 14:58 5f4d1d6b-e781-4a20-8f9a-6d67312e45b0 2013-10-01 14:58 b6667176-604b-490c-b0b1-a52b612993ae 2013-10-01 14:57 292100c8-fde0-4245-9f0c-ff9d3309a15e 2013-10-01 14:57 e152c6e2-e62c-464e-9a51-ac74db6bb568 2013-10-01 14:57

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Here are my latest flash player crashes. Fix please.

bp-7c7ee762-069b-4f55-b577-1c4982131001 10/1/2013 4:56 PM bp-72029767-cd53-4326-a378-3e9e62131001 10/1/2013 4:19 PM bp-2480d1d6-4e05-4c00-9975-0a3d72131001 9/30/2013 8:21 PM 100c9ef2-6ca4-4d8e-8b69-e1da8f2f48af 9/30/2013 6:57 PM 79baa4a6-6e3d-496e-8c89-a1720cf9068c 9/29/2013 10:40 PM bp-2e625135-6bee-41b7-9b21-d2c562130929 9/29/2013 4:38 PM

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d0b91693-3e51-4186-b0e9-efb0cdf200a0 10/02/13 18:18 cf55d74e-93d8-4b66-b2dc-72e5e16ec22f 10/02/13 18:18 c81b0d02-a115-4c92-ae3d-9b7c3a279351 10/02/13 18:18 0d36e817-08f2-4f6d-8100-5426f9ca3d9e 10/02/13 18:17 af9acfbe-1471-4cec-aa2f-d62548022ec0 10/02/13 18:17

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