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Can I export only one folder to HTML?


Can i export just one folder (from my bookmarks) to an HTML file to import elswhere? I'm using FF21.0 thanks

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Joshua Smith 22 solutions 139 answers

I am sorry, but I don't think that you are able to do that with Firefox :(

This might be a good thing to implement in the future though, so if you want, you could open a bug on Bugzilla.

Note: Please follow our Bug Writing Guidelines when filing a bug.

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You will have to edit the HTML file and either copy the wanted bookmarks to another file or remove the unwanted bookmarks.

There are ways that involve copying bookmarks to the clipboard via the right-click context menu and paste them in an HTML capable text editor that might work.

You can also use the online Midas Demo:

Open the Bookmarks in the sidebar and Copy & Paste a folder or selected bookmarks in the EDIT window.

Use this JavaScript bookmarklet to cleanup the HTML code or alternatively paste the code in the command line of the Web Console (Firefox/Tools > Web Developer;Ctrl+Shift+K). Make sure that "View HTML Source" doesn't have a check-mark when running this code.

javascript:(function(){var E=document.getElementById("edit").contentWindow.document.body; E.innerHTML=E.innerHTML.replace(/<DT>/ig,"<H3>").replace(/<\/DT>/ig,"</H3>").replace(/<DD>/ig,"<DT>").replace(/<\/DD>/ig,"");})();

Use "View HTML Source" to display the HTML code and use Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy the HTML code to the clipboard and paste the code in an HTML file.

sjonnievanderkist 0 solutions 10 answers

Helpful Reply

it can be done with a few clicks in windows with firefox:

1. export all bookmarks the normal way and save the HTML document with a new clear name to (for instance) your desktop. and leave firefox open as you will need it.

2. right click the HTML doc that is now on your desktop and choose "Open with" and select firefox. as firefox is still open a new tab will appear with all the bookmarks showing in a list. the order will be the same as in your bookmarks library.

find the folder or folders you want to copy, roll your mouse over it holding the left button down, and make a copy. (make sure you include the name for the folder, as that will show up when you import it into your bookmarks library)

3. open a software program like microsoft office, open office or like i use LibreOffice; anything that lets you create an HTML page. (Notepad and Wordpad can not do it)

4. open the page, paste the stuff you copied into the page. in the "File" menu, choose "Save as" and on the card that pops up, look at the bottom where it says "Save as type", click on it, a list will drop down, and choose HTML doc. give the HTML doc a nice name and click on “Save”.

and that is it.

you can email it to a friend or use it anyway you wish. import it into their bookmarks library the normal way, (the new folder or folders will always appear right at the bottom of your existing library list)

now you can put a fat smile on your face and whisper: i did it!

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