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Using Google Nexus 4, No Option to Delete History, Only Priv. Data?


Using the above phone and the most up-to date version of firefox mobile for android (Ver. 21.0), In the settings it only has the option to Delete Private Data and is unlike the videos i have seen where it also has the option to delete history (just above). Deleting everything from the Private Data does not remove my history. So how do I remove my history? My android version is 4.2.2., Firefox Version 21.0 & the phone is a Google Nexus 4.

Thank you

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Tyler Downer
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Clear Private Data is the Clear history dialog (any videos you saw must be outdated). Click it, and you will get a list of data you can delete.

Roland Tanglao
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Thanks to Tyler for giving the answer!

Hi connor.axelson:

my apologies for the outdated video!

if you have time, please post the link of the out of date videos and I will see to it that the videos get fixed.

cheers! ...Roland

Helpful Reply

Hi, thanks for the reply, under clear private data it has a number of things: - Browsing & download history -Download files -form & search history etc... But when i click on the search bar, it comes up with 3 headers, top sites, bookmarks & History. Checking every tickbox in the clear private data selection, and clicking clear data; this still does not remove the history from the above mentioned header, it still lists my entire browsing history.

This is the outdated video: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/clearing-cookies-private-data-history-and-settings

Roland Tanglao
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17 solutions 143 answers

hi connor.axelson

thanks i added that video and article to my Etherpad list of articles that need to be updated: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/ff-android-kb-changes

If you or anybody wants to update that video (and of course that would be awesome and reach out to me if you need help!), please add your name to the Etherpad beside that article

Cheers! ...Roland