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How do I make "downloads" separate from History" ?


Today, something changed when I went to download a file: I couldn't see where the file was downloading. And then I looked and saw it was now grouped under "library" where bookmarks and history are. I liked how it was before, where I could see downloads separate from "history" and "bookmarks". What happened and how do I change it back ?

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That is a new feature in Firefox 20, and it's not possible to separate Downloads from the Library window.

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Type into your address bar




Right-click value of "false", Toogle it to "true"

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What will that do ? I heard its not possible to change this in the new version of FF

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Changing the browser.download.useToolkitUI pref to true will make Firefox show the classic Download manager if you prefer to see the downloads in that window. This won't affect the Downloads as seen in the Library (Bookmarks/History Manager) as those are stored differently. The Library stores the data in the places.sqlite file and the classic download manager in downloads.sqlite in the Firefox profile folder. The Downloads folder in the Library shows History data, so if you clear history then it is removed from the Downloads folder as well and vice verse if you remove entries in the Downloads folder then they will no longer appear in the history.

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When I type in about:config, I get a message that I could lose my "warranty". Never having changed settings like this, what warranty is being threatened ?