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How to Roll Back last update

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I wonder if anyone knows the way to roll back from an update in Firefox? I do not wish to remove and re-install if it's possible just to roll back. I am using Windows 7 Pro and the "about Firefox" says I have 19.0 installed. The update causing the problem went in on 19/03/2013. Hope someone can help. Regards. G

I wonder if anyone knows the way to roll back from an update in Firefox? I do not wish to remove and re-install if it's possible just to roll back. I am using Windows 7 Pro and the "about Firefox" says I have 19.0 installed. The update causing the problem went in on 19/03/2013. Hope someone can help. Regards. G

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Just to sum up this thread, as it has spiraled out of control:

  • Each new version of Firefox fixes critical security holes in the release before. These holes are publicly disclosed after each release, meaning it would be easier for them to be exploited in older versions. We want to updates users to newer versions for them to be as secure as possible.
  • We don't support older versions. Bugs that exist in older versions will only be fixed by updating to the newest release.
  • We occasionally change how Firefox stores data in it's database, and while updates will convert the data to the new format, downgrades won't, resulting in a loss of data.
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Rolling back isn't supported, as that will leave you vulnerable to many known security threats. Instead, let's get your Firefox working :)

First, update to Firefox 19. Update Firefox to the latest version

Then, update your plugins.

Then try to Reset Firefox. Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems

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Unfortunately I require to roll-back because Firefox did the update and then knocked out four of my most important plugins by disabling them as non-compatible. The update has in fact made my machine less secure so I would wish to roll back and regain the level of security I had before the update. If roll back is not supported then I will be forced to continue with MS Explorer and I was trying to avoid this.

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Thank you very much for the link. Unfortunately I had already been there having googled the problem with Firefox and seeing lots of other requests for a way to roll-back. That's why I came to the forum, just to find oput if there was a way to do it. Having gone to the archive I was not really sure what version to pick or even what version I had before Mozilla did the update! If there is no roll-back or way to find the previous version just prior to the update I guess it would have to be to go back to 18.0 and switch off updates for a few weeks and try again. (Or as my colleague just said - 'stay with explorer') I like Firefox, (or used to like Firefox I should say), and I think a roll-back would be very convenient for situations like this. Perhaps this is something that should be considered by the team for inclusion? Thanks for your help it is very much appreciated. G

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I also have this same problem. None of the plug-ins I had even appear anymore to be able to update them. If this is the way that Mozilla has decided to treat its users, then maybe it's time I switched to Chrome or Opera.

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I completely understand how you feel. It is so frustrating that an upgrade is pushed in automatically that wrecks your system configuration and you are unable to roll it back. I contacted Kaspersky and got this reply:-

' Dear customer,

There's no official release date for the Kaspersky patch that will allow our plugins to work in Firefox 19, however the patch is usually deployed within a couple of weeks after release. We usually recommend waiting a few weeks before upgrading to the latest version, otherwise the plugins will not work. Your general security is not compromised by leaving the plugins switched off.

You can download Firefox 18 from here if you wish to roll back: '

I did not bother to explain that I had no choice about the update, it was just pushed in and the first I knew abnout it was the message saying my system security was disabled! However, your point about switching made me think about this situation. I think I like the idea of Firefox because it probably is the true "enthusiasts" browser, and that is the rub. Chrome, Explorer, Opera etc have the big budgets to develop and test that Firefox does not have. My immediate attitude to this problem was to wonder what the clowns at Mozilla were playing at, but that is a bad attitude. The Mozilla organisation are enthusiasts with great skills who develop without financial backing, so it's unfair for me to use and accept their work for free and then complain because they make a cock-up. I do want to have the Kaspersky security working so I will be prompted by your reply JMG and I am going to try Chrome. I will let you know how I get on. Regards G

Edit: Fixed link as it was point to 18.0b7 which is a Beta7 build of 18.0 and not a Release. This would have also put you on the Beta channel and not Release channel.

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Thanks, technoweary. I ended up finding an ond version installer in my downloads on another machine, and rolled back that way. By the way, I believe that the b7 on the link you provided means that is the beta version. You might want to use 18.0.2 folder instead.

Might I suggest the NoScript plug-in for added security. I use it religiously. That Mozilla just disabled ALL the plug-ins, without any warning, is what most bothers me. If it had prompted that the update would disable x plug-in, proceed? Y/N then it would be done at my own option. To just roll it out, and consequences be damned just makes me want to puke.

I now have updates completely turned off in Firefox on ALL my machines.

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Sadly, I wasn't able to update any of the plug-ins, because 19 conveniently removed them all from the add-ons list, not just marked them disabled. Some of them, like NoScript, are for security. Others, like OldLocationBar and Status4Evar, restore functionality and interface options that someone decided to change (for the sake of change). But after removing and reinstalling (on the other machine), it too now has updates turned off. SIXTEEN complete version updates in under a year is ridiculous! (3.6.28 released 3/6/12, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, & 19) And version change number 18 (v.20) is in beta!

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Rolling back updates is not supported or reccomended, as each new Firefox version fixes critical security issues in the older versions. Rolling back to Firefox 18 leaves you open to around a dozen or so security vulnerabilities that were fixed in Firefox 19.0.2.

Also, the kapersky addons you have do little to actually protect your computer. They are their own marketing fluff. Even with those addons disabled, your Kapersky is still running in the background. It is best to always stay up to date with Firefox, especially as you say security is one of your main concerns.

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Do see before considering using a potentially vulnerable version as older release do not have the security fixes that the current release has.

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Well, I installed Chrome and all the problems went away. It installed well, imported and integrated everything including my Kaspersky add-ons. I have to disagree with tylerdowner that the Kaspersky add-ons are 'fluff'. Anti-banner, safe money are especially good to have installed and although it can be annoying I do like the url advisor. So there you are, all working, no hassle, no updates that disable stuff I like to have and then tell me it cannot be undone. If only Kaspersky warned me BEFORE the update I would be happy.

So why have I re-installed Kaspersky today?

Simply because I do not like Data Tracking and applications like Double Click farming my data. Over the weekend I had a Car Insurance quote websites auto completing my personal details without me even clicking on the fields which I thought was great until there was an error telling me that some strange website could not be reached and my data was unavailable. I cannot even use Cocoon to get quotes from different addresses around my area to double check for price fixing. It confirms the many blogs that say Google is just not trustworthy. So I am sticking with Firefox despite the issues.

Thanks to everyone who took time to reply, it is much appreciated. Regards.

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Weel... here we are again. I thought I had stopped Firefox updating automatically, but no!? Switched on yesterday and again a new update has removed my Kaspersky add-ons and disabled Cocoon. I have uninstalled Firefox and I need to download the previous version so I wnet to the archive and looked at V19 but when I open the files there are so many options I am not sure whioch I should download. What file do I need to download? Regards, Greg

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What kind of problems do you have with the last Firefox releases (20.0.1)?

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Switched on yesterday and again a new update has removed my Kaspersky add-ons and disabled Cocoon.

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OK, solved it, so no need for help. I was overwhelmed with choice in the version 18 folder but eventually found the Win32. Blocked the Firefox Updater in Kaspersky to ensure this will not happen again.

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Same issue here, I hate automatic updates so much, it doesn't tell you about the new features, hot fixes or anything else, it just applies the update and that it.

The latest update basically made my Firefox totally not stable. I could not even save a single picture using the right click option. and the right click basically show my more than 40 lines of option and none of them work at all.

I also hate so much how the latest version merge the download window with other windows, such as the history content.

The new button added to the tool bar to handle the download its so annoying.

Please from mozilla, developers, you seriously need to let the user decide if he wants to update/upgrade or not to the latest version and even enable a roll back feature, cuz its really annoying to make things works right going to ur site, finding the right old version of firefox that actually works and installed on top of your SO BUGGY or Unwanted version of firefox.

And also deleting our add-ons just cuz they are not compatible with ur current latest version it's a dumb choice. Com'on guys, really?

Some of us, the users, are developers as well, and we depend so much of our tools to work on our projects.

Now I need to start searching for all the add-ons that have been removed from my system, because of ur upgrade, to be able to install them again. and be able to work without delays.

This MANUAL rollback had take from me a good 30 minutes of my time.

If this ever happen again I would need to block firefox calls to your update server.

I was forced to turn-off, AGAIN, "download upgrades" feature from the settings.

This is just like microsoft handle their OS updates. it doesn't matter if you have then off, as soon you run a manual update, that option will be re-enabled again. It's so damn annoying.

Please Mozilla/Firefox dev team, consider us, your users, and apply some serious changes and how firefox handles upgrades and add-ons. and also enable for good, the roll-back feature. I know this could bring some Security issues, but is the users rights to let him/her choose if they want the such new version or not or even be able to apply a roll-back.

Here is a good example...

Not everybody on this planet have the latest version of microsoft's OS, some of them are even using Windows XP, that's right, XP!!!

Maybe cuz they can't upgrade, or just because they don't need or want to upgrade.

All this Firefox problem, reminds me of Windows 8. A so stupid OS, not wanted by so many people, so much limited to the real computer users that wont let you do much with ur computer. I mean, windows 8 its find for OLD people, not for the average and real computer users.

It appears firefox it's getting to this path as well.

If you want to integrate new feature to your fireofx application, you should handle such new features as ADD-ONS, you could even create a sections inside Firefos to handle mozilla's exclusive add-on and not forcing us to use them, even if we don't want or will never need.

This is all I have to say to you and anybody else who reads this post.

I do love firefox and its one of my main browsers when it comes to browse the web and even for development. but you should follow our recommendations.

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I understand exactly how you feel. Firefox is a great browser and I now use version 18 that does everything I need. You cannot use the update settings, Firefox ignores them and updates itself, however I have set my Internet Security Firewall to block the updater so I hope this will overcome the crazy update problems with Firefox. Regards

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technoweary wrote:

You cannot use the update settings, Firefox ignores them and updates itself

This is not true. Firefox always tells me an update is available and asks if I want to install it. I agree that the dialog doesn't provide any information about compatibility, but I can dismiss the dialog and research it at my leisure.

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Hi ForeRest, thank you for your input.

(1) Automatic Update preference

I'm pretty sure there is nothing in Firefox that changes a notification preference back to automatic. I often use "Check for Updates" from the About Firefox dialog and it has never changed mine. There may be something else in your settings (e.g., a user.js file) or environment (e.g., disk scanner/cleaner product) that is altering your prefs.js file.

(2) Download Panel replacing Download Manager

There are several threads on how to revert this if you prefer.

(3) Lost Add-ons

By design, add-ons are not removed, but will be disabled if: (a) they are on a security blocklist, or (b) their internal version range indicates they should not run in the new version of Firefox. You should still see disabled plugins and extensions in the same location, but they cluster toward the bottom of the list.

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Plugins category
orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Extensions category

If all extensions disappear during an upgrade or reinstall, please post that separately so support volunteers can help you look for a corrupted or locked file.

(4) Right-click Save Image as... missing

If you see this problem again, could you start a new thread? You can start that here:

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