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I have a program that runs in Java Console. I need to run multiple copies of the program. I can't do this with tabs. Can I do it with separate windows/processes


The program in question was implemented as a Java applet that runs in a browser. The developer says it must run under the Java Console and that I cannot run more than one copy of it in a given browser technology (e.g., Firefox); but I can run multiple copies if I use, eg, Firefox for one, IE 32 bit for another, Chrome for a 3rd and IE 64 bit for a 4th. I have tested this, and this does work.

Why would it not be the case if I spawned a completely different Firefox instance/process? When asked this question, the developer said, no, you have to run a different browser implementation to get a distinct Java Console for each one.

Does this make sense in general, or, more importantly, is it true for Firefox?



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It is working for me if I open a second Firefox instance with its own profile by starting Firefox with the -no-remote command line switch.

Use the -no-remote command line switch to open another Firefox instance with its own profile and to run different Firefox instances simultaneously.

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This work like a charm. Thanks very much.