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Landscape oriented PDF prints only in Portrait mode

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I have a reporting application which displays to the user reports in PDF, some of them are in landscape orientation, but when the user prints the reports, they are fitted (shrunk) into a portrait orientation page. This is happening with Firefox 19 and the new embedded PDF viewer. Is there a way to resolve this problem?


I have a reporting application which displays to the user reports in PDF, some of them are in landscape orientation, but when the user prints the reports, they are fitted (shrunk) into a portrait orientation page. This is happening with Firefox 19 and the new embedded PDF viewer. Is there a way to resolve this problem? Thanks!

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Just to clarify the problem, if you go to this link (a landscape PDF) and print it, it will fit into a portrait oriented page instead of landscape.


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Anyone have a solution to this issue? Very annoying, only started happening on 19.0.2.

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Reports at my organization that always printed in landscape are now printing in portrait. Users do not know they have to go into the printer properties to set the orientation for each report. IE automatically picks up the default orientation from the PDF file so it does not need to be set in the printer properties. This is a significant issue and it is disappointing to see there does not seem to be a solution to the issue.

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PDF.JS in Firefox is a "work in progress" and far from complete.

My advice is to save those PDF's to disk and open them with a full fledged PDF reader program; or disable PDF.JS in Firefox and use a PDF plugin instead.


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Thank you. I actually emailed the link you provided to our users earlier today.

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A "work in progress"??

Don't put it in the browser then. Companies count on working web browsers. This doesn't happen in Safari or Chrome. Weak. Unfortunately, some apps are only supported on Firefox. I urge Mozilla to think about what they are launching as actual working products.

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Sorry,  "work in progress"  is my terminology for the state of PDF.JS right now, not Mozilla's. The developers are still adding features to it, and some users are having problems with it. 

My personal experience has been pretty good, and compatibility seems so be improving version-by-version - but that is with PDF's from a variety of sources, not from a sole source which might be a using a common template that might not be fully compatible with the current state of PDF.JS. I do agree that it still isn't quite ready to be released; but I have no say in that type of decision.

You are "singing to the choir" when you post in this forum. The developers who are developing that PDF.JS part of Firefox, and the people who decided to include it in Firefox in the unfinished state rarely, if ever, visit this forum. Most of us helping other users are volunteers, users just like you; there's nothing we can do.

If you want to let Mozilla how you feel, use the Help > Submit Feedback ... feature in a current release version (Firefox 21 right now).

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PDF.Js is just deep sheet, problems with font, problems with paper orientation, i'm sick of it. I develop applications with pdf printing functionality and because Firefox decide to add useless crappy function without testing it, my applications failed to print, and my clients have to explain to their clients how to go back to acrobat after they had complaints that it's not working anymore (good for public relations). Is the Firefox team knowing what service is and what a customer is? No, learn it for god sake!!!!!! I'm really pissed of, or perhaps are they wiling to pay back the money i'm loosing because of their negligence?

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Doesn't a "customer" usually pay for a product? Hard to classify Firefox users as "customers" since Firefox is a free product.

Negligence?? And asking for compensation? Perhaps you haven't read the EULA for Firefox.

My suggestion for you is to provide some help to the developers by providing patches for the "faults" in Firefox PDF.JS by coming up with the code to fix things. That's how free open source software works, the wider community pitches in to help develop and fix the product.

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I'm not asking for compensation I was making a point. A lot of the modern world rely on the internet and the tools provided to access it. A lot of company who have customers use the web to communicate or work with them, they sell applications or offer services based on the web technologies, they rely on the browsers used by their customers but can't impose them. So we rely on the seriousness of the browser regarding compliance to standards. I always trusted Mozilla and Firefox to be leaders in this field. I think that nonetheless the EULA we have right to have a compliant products so when a functionality replace without the will of the customer a working functionality it will 1) be compliant with the standard, 2) work as or better the element it replace. That is not the case with PDF.js. A lot of browser users are not used with tweaking parameters or settings to get back to something which was working. But be real PDF.js is not providing the services it's made for, it's a wor in progress ok! but it's a default feature, not a choice, and it breaks sites or applications functionalities that was working before it, that just my point. My PDF are working just fine with the acrobat reader plugin (for 3 years) and yes I'm upset because every thing was working and clients are now complaining that it does not work anymore. It's like with IE for ten years we are forced to find work arounds. The difference is that IE never worked like it should so we never trusted it but we trusted Firefox, which seems to be becoming less reliable. Have I the power to easily switch all the applications users to a more PDF compliant browser I will.