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(Using Vista 32-bit) Under Profiles there are 2 .default folders w/some large files. Is there a way to clean this up to one default and put limits on sizes?


I have 2 folders under Profiles with many files. The number of and larger files are slowing my virus scans. The 2 folders are 1enhkbms.default and heql0bzl.default. Can I remove one of these default folders and how do I determine which one along with how do I do it? Can I put limits on file sizes too, ie. the urlclassifier3.sqlite file is 56KB in each folder and the scan seems to slowly slug through it.

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That sounds like the folder that Firefox is using for the cache storage.
See the about:cache page for the location of the current cache.
The urlclassifier3.sqlite file is the phishing protection database file.
It is usually not needed to scan the files in this folder.

You can delete the cache folder that is currently not used.

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It may be better to adjust your virus scans so that they do not check Firefox as frequently.

urlclassifier has been involved in memory leaks in the past, but I am not aware it causes problems at present. The file is involved with Firefox's phishing protection. I am guessing that as it has lists of problem sites the file looks dangerous to your AV and maybe because of that takes longer to check than other files of a similar size.

Unless you have reset Firefox, or have multiple versions and thus multiple profiles a default install ordinarily has just one profile. I usually recommend users disable rather than remove any such unwanted additional profiles. Renaming or deleting profiles with profilemanager may be dangerous in that you may very easily stop Firefox from working &/or destroy all your personal information (passwords and bookmarks etc)

The default profile is called default. The actual folder itself is xxxxxxxx.default, the xxxxxxxx represents a pseudo random string added to make the folder name unique. You should be able to delete one of the profiles, but make sure it is the correct one. (I suggest initially manually renaming it rather than deleting it).

The easiest method of discovering the current profile is to use

  • Firefox Button -> Help -> Troubleshooting Information ->
    [Show Folder]

On the other profile initially just rename it, add old in front of the name so it becomes oldxxxxxxx.default Once you are sure it is not needed you may delete it, and the best method to do that is by using the profile manager (remove the old from the name first) and be very careful that you delete the correct one. I suggest opening and trying each one first. NOTE profile names and folder names may not match. The safest method may be just to delete the folder manually.

(There is a file profiles.ini -- which should not be edited unless you know the rules it uses,-- that )

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