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18.0.2 really current? Got msg to update to 18.0.2 but FF Desktop pg says I have the current version (18.0.1)


Recently received the update dialog box saying "update to 18.0.2". Went to FF.COM and the desktop page (vs the Android/mobile) page says "congrats, your version is the latest" (or something similar). I'm running 18.0.1. So which is really the current version?

I read some of the "get more info" stuff about 18.0.2 and it sounds like good fixes; but when I go to the support page I see a lot of users having problems after updating to 18.0.2. My 18.0.1 is working well and I wouldn't want to trade a stable installation for one that's buggy (and having the problems I'm reading others are having) -- yet I'd like to have the security improvements.

So what's really current, and what's the consensus: is 18.0.2 just buggy or are the ones with problems isolated cases?

(FYI, I have a mix of XP, Vista and Win7 PCs with 18.0.1 installed)

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Yes, Firefox 18.0.2 is the latest version and Firefox 19 will be released in a few weeks (around Feb 19), so you can update to that version or install the full version in case of problems.

You can find the latest Firefox release in all languages and for all Operating Systems here:

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Firefox 18.0.2 is the current so of course you are going to see the occasional post about 18.0.2 at moment just as when 18.0.1 was the current, the support posts here were mainly about 18.0.1 at time.

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I'm an advit Firefox user, but why does Firefox release new browsers that are broken in some manner? Why not release an across the board stable version? Just curious.