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Firefox Scrolling Problem: Touchscreen scroll highlights rapidly to top of page instead of scrolling.


On sites like google (and it seems to change a lot as to whether I can scroll or not on pages, except google) I can't scroll. It will instead highlight the text and take me to the top of the page. And obviously that's highly annoying if I'm trying to scroll further down. The side bar works fine, but if I use my finger or my pen for my touchscreen it just goes nuts. I'm not clicking and dragging; I'm scrolling!

It's not my computer because Chrome is working fine, and I've switched over to that until this is fixed even though I hate leaving Firefox and the add-ons I had.

Any suggestions? Or will I have to wait until Firefox updates to another version?

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dragonLost 0 solutions 1 answers

I've had this problem for months, sites include; google.com youtube.com deviantart.com cracked.com (cracked works if I stay on cracked but stops working if i switch tabs away and switch back to cracked, then it only highlights)

ps, I have crummy internet and sometimes I can start scrolling before the site really loads, but once its finished loading it stops scrolling. I get the feeling google is being evil.

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mati2k 0 solutions 1 answers

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this addon is solution, finally found it ;)

greetings / pozdrawiam