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Where to find my mobile bookmarks in desktop version of firefox?


When I bookmark webpages on my Android Galaxy S2 I9100 they show up in unsorted bookmarks category. But when I go to desktop version of Firefox mobile bookmarks are not to be found in unsorted category or any other place. I remember that long time ago in desktop Firefox there was "mobile bookmarks" folder but I don't have it anymore. So, how to see mobile bookmarks on my desktop firefox?

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I am sorry but I do not understand your question. Do you want to access bookmarks on your PC or on your mobile device?


dhwalker 0 solutions 2 answers

I'm having this problem, too. (Firefox 18.0, openSUSE 12.2) I want to use and manage mobile-created bookmarks on my PC, but I can't find them on my PC.

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I thought the question is quite clear. To make it concise:

How do I find my mobile bookmarks on my desktop? (assuming you are using FF on both ends and syncing bookmarks from each end)

It seems you have to click on "show all bookmarks" on the desktop and the mobile bookmarks will be down in there someplace.

afaik, this is the only way to get to them and they can't be moved nor integrated/merged into your desktop bookmarks. I am not sure if this is a bug or someones' idea of a bad joke.

dhwalker 0 solutions 2 answers

I'm now on Firefox 19.0, and a second after I selected "Show All Bookmarks," a "Mobile Bookmarks" folder appeared under "All Bookmarks" that wasn't there when I last looked (under Firefox 18.0).

My problem is solved. Thanks.