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Firefox 18.0.1 crashes after closing tab or Exit


I installed Firefox 18.0.1 on 1/19/2013. It continues to crash when I close a tab or when I click File then exit. This problem hits on both my Administration authority account and my User authority account. My Norton Internet Security is current as is Windows 7 64 bit.

Chosen solution

The problem has been solved by a patch issued by Norton. Run Norton Internet Security LiveUpdate. Install the patch from Norton if LiveUpdate issues an installation message. By the current time, an automatic running of LiveUpdate may have installed the patch. The patch works for me on both my User authority account and my Administration authority account. Please report any problems with the patch. Otherwise this problem can be closed as solved. Those users who have altered Norton Internet Security in order to circumvent this problem should restore NIS to its proper state.

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More Information

I rebooted but the problem still occurs after the reboot.

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Live Update should run the "patch" without you knowing it. You can always run Live Update manually (as I did) by opening Norton 360, clicking open the Tasks bar, and clicking on Run LiveUpdate. There is no specific patch that you choose.

Just make sure after Live Update is finished that you do a complete Shut Down of your computer for the change to take effect; a Restart of your computer won't do -- it didn't for me. It might be a good idea to exit from Firefox before you Shut Down. Your Firefox tabs are always saved when you re-open them, anyway.

Question owner

When I ran LiveUpdate I got a message "Do you want to install a patch" or something like that. Here is an example of a person questioning the message: Norton patch question. I was manually running LiveUpdate every few hours because I knew Symantec was going to be issuing a patch and I wanted to get it as soon as possible. I have never bothered to read about Symantic's patch installation process. I just know that, if a patch is available, manually runing LiveUpdate will get it. So, bottom line, manually run LiveUpdate. If installing a patch is mentioned, install the patch. If a patch is not mentioned then try to recreate the Firefox problem. If the problem does not reoccur then LiveUpdate installed the patch on an earlier update.

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Thanks, bikebrains.

I ran live update, did not see a question about a patch. Did reboot the computer. Enabled Norton Tool Bar and have not had any problems.

I did notice that the Norton Tool Bar version has been updated.

ZviWeiss 0 solutions 13 answers

The point about a shutdown is very important -- and NOT obvious. The vast majority of the time when I run Live Update, it runs silently and I do not even know it is there. RARELY, will I end up being prompted by Norton to actually shut down the system and reboot for the change to take effect. In this case, it seems that (1) you have go run this manually or (2) I hope that Live Update prompts for a shut down and reboot....

ZviWeiss 0 solutions 13 answers

Well, if you are in a real hurry to get the patch, then I guess that you can repeatedly run Live Update manually -- however, if Live Update is "smart" enough to bring down the patch and just advise you to reboot -- that should be good enough for most people -- I find that even automatically, Live Update runs pretty often....

Question owner

Some folks are still having problems. See question: [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/que.../946388?fpa=1&page=2]

Gabriel_Oaks 0 solutions 5 answers

I've run live updates and rebooted several times.

Problem still exists.


textom3 0 solutions 7 answers


Since the fix came out I have been able to run 18.0.1. Before the fix came out I had gone back to 17.0.1 and it had no problem with Norton Toolbar. If you return to the older version it will probably work for you.

Hopefully when Mozilla comes out with the next version of Firefox all these problems will go away.

Gabriel_Oaks 0 solutions 5 answers


Much appreciated!

Forgive what might be a simple question but how do I go back to ver.17?

textom3 0 solutions 7 answers

I downloaded the older version from this website and installed it.


You will have to go to tools and disable updates or it will attempt to upgrade to 18 again.

Gabriel_Oaks 0 solutions 5 answers


Much appreciate and Firefox appears to have stopped crashing.

Excellent advice - thanks!

Question owner

Returning to an earlier release exposes the user to the security problems that were fixed in the current release. The following Mozilla statement lists the security problems fixed in Firefox 18: [http://www.mozilla.org/security/known.../firefox.html] These problems are commonly known in the browser industry and therefore may not exist in the current version of a major browser. One such problem is the TURKTRUST certificates exposure. Other security sites have mentioned this problem: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/01/turkish-registrar-enabled-phishers-to-spoof-google/ .

A better although irritating solution would be to use another major browser until Mozilla/Symantec can fix the current problems.

Downgrading software is risky business.

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Gabriel_Oaks 0 solutions 5 answers



I did reinstalled ver 17 and so far so good.

Hopefully a version without this problem won't be far away!

ZviWeiss 0 solutions 13 answers

I think that once you see the list of Security exposures in a given release -- you have to make your own "balance" -- which is worse: Not being able to use the Browser because it crashes or not having a "secure browser"... In my case, even though I have Norton 360, once I reduced the "memory load" and reinstalled -- the browser has worked without any problem! However, other users may not be so fortunate -- so all you can do is given them the information to make a (we all hope) intelligent analysis.

One of the problems with going to another browser is... what bugs will turn up THERE? I know that I did NOT like IE because it kept on terminating sessions when I was on a Chat Window with a Lands End agent (!) but Firefox as nice and stable....

For me it all boils down to " You put down your money and make your choices...."