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Norton toolbar disabled


The Norton Toolbar is missing again in Firefox 18. How can this be corrected?

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By running a Norton Live Update, repeatedly if necessary.

Donnie 31 solutions 331 answers

Is the toolbar compatible with the latest FF version? If not shoot norton support a message asking them when they will release compatible version or patch to fix it. FF is not the problem why it's disabled, as with previous version as well when updating to the latest version it runs compatibility check and if its not then auto disabled so it won't cause stability issues and bugs to further complicate things.

MrPisces 0 solutions 10 answers

The Mozilla Foundation is incapable of reliably helping it users who depend on the Norton toolbar working correctly.

No one should trust Firefox to provide good security when they keep screwing up one of the best add ons available.

Pushing everything back on Norton is one the biggest cop outs in the history of the Mozilla Foundation.

TheOldFox 110 solutions 619 answers

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Due to a binary component of the Norton toolbar, Norton must update its toolbar for each release of Firefox. They, Norton, restrict their toolbar to one version of Firefox at a time. That is the reason that they release an updated version of the toolbar (usually on the same day as a new Firefox version release) for each new Firefox version. You can confirm by posting your question/complaint in the forum in the 2nd link below.

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Tyler Downer
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@MrPisces, Also, please note the Norton Toolbar does nothing to improve your security that Firefox doesnt do be default.

Question owner

Thanks TY, but security isn't the only issue for the Norton Toolbar. I use my 'puter for work. For security purposes, I have many different passwords to many sites that I cannot remember. For that matter, I can't even recall 90 percent of the Phone numbers on my iPhone if I lost it. That tool bar is extremely important as far as recalling log in info. Between Mozilla (which I love) and Norton (which I also like) there has to be a common interest somehow. Disabling my access to such an integral part of my computer is just not satisfactory. Norton is not an add on that makes emoticons. I trust Norton for security and I applaud Mozilla for it's attempt to keep the internet safe for all..personally speaking, these two idiots need to get their collective heads out of the arses and work together....

northerngirl 0 solutions 2 answers


first time in here, but I think it's time. I love FF. I have been using only FF since 3- and stayed on 3,6 for the longest time. Then took a leap to 11. Now, I am on 16.02. But - I also love Norton, a relationship I've had for many, many years. I love my add-ons, the Silvermel.... I am sad to have to say I'm getting tired of all the up-date notifications on my desktop all the time. Update. update, UPDATE! So when I check, there's no place for Norton, no place for Silvermel, no place for...... This is getting to remind me of a software I know; new releases every year....not quite working as it should, so you get the hazzle of patches all the time. Fix this, fix that. Not very user friendly ? One gets the impression that it's renewal for the sake of the renewal, and faster than useful for the user. Why not try a little slower pace? Why not ensure that those onboard, that should be onboard, IS onboard? Norton is a major player. Accept maybe, that so many of us WANT the toolbar?

Someone gave me a tip about Waterfox. You know, I would have liked a 64 bit browser like FF. I just don't dare to change. Why? I'm not at all sure that my familiar add-ons and plug-ins will work. This is really a major issue for me. When you use the browser as a tool, you have to be sure it's working as you intended. Please, take a deep breath- and slow down a little?

TheOldFox 110 solutions 619 answers


Using an out of date version of a browser is not advisable as security issues are fixed with each release. Using an old version subjects your system to know vulnerabilities every time you go on the internet. With the proliferation of hacking tools freely available on the internet, keeping your (1) OS, (2) browser, (3) plugins, (4) applications, (5) security system (firewall, anti-virus, etc.), and so on, up to date is vital to your online security. A little discipline on your part as a responsible computer user in devoting time to staying up to date is vital to your own security and the security of those with whom you communicate using the internet.

Frequent updates have become the norm and that is not likely to change.

  1. You should update to the latest version of Firefox and keep it up to date.
  2. Out of date Plugins is a second attack vector for hackers. You should check and update your Plugins as new releases are made available.
  3. Do you update your OS regularly? I hope you do, as keeping other items on your system updated will not help with a vulnerable OS.
  4. Norton releases an update to their toolbar with each new Firefox release, and they (Norton) have recently been releasing their toolbar update on the same day as a new Firefox release. You need to check the Norton forums, run Norton's LiveUpdate regularly, and stay informed about your security application.
  5. Silvermel is actively developed. There is an active forum and there are new development versions being released by the developer.

Other items:

  • Major browsers are all updated regularly. Microsoft corrects problems with its browser every month along with updating Windows. Google updates its browser about every 6 weeks.
  • Adobe Flash is now being updated every month on the second Tuesday of the month to coincide with Microsoft's update day.
  • Java has had numerous updates due to severe security issues. Expect more updates on an irregular basis from Java.
  • Waterfox is developed by a third-party based on the latest Firefox release, so they update every 6 weeks. Not all plugins are yet available in 64-bit versions, and, of course, you need a 64-bit OS to use the 64-bit browsers and plugins that are available. Firefox is a 32-bit application and runs well under a 64-bit OS but requires 32-bit plugins which also run well under 64-bit OSes as do most other 32-bit applications.

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northerngirl 0 solutions 2 answers

Mr.Old Fox, thank you for taking the time to reply. For most of what you mentioned, or suggested, I can reply "yes". I did read the thread, I will update, I just wanted a little voice to be heard. ( I do have 64 bit OS)

Thank you.

Security_Guy 0 solutions 12 answers

You can't download Norton Toolbar independently either you can update your Norton product! Here's a KB article which will help you to fix this issue - https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v58055475_EndUserProfile_en_us

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locking this thread due to it being about Firefox 18.