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Where does Firefox obtain its default mailto handler on Fedora 17? It ain't from KDE or Gnome!


I'm running Fedora 17 with the KDE desktop. KDE's system settings ("control panel") claims the default mailto application is Kmail. And, since Gnome is still present, I see that it thinks the default mailto application is Evolution. I don't see anything in /etc/alternatives that seems relevant to a mailto handler.

Firefox says, "Firefox normally uses your operating system's default mail program to send an e-mail message." <http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/change-program-used-open-email-links>) But Firefox says the default handler is Thunderbird. Where the hell is Firefox finding that value? And Firefox doesn't offer either of the other two "defaults", Kmail or Evolution, as options (except through the "other program" mechanism).

Can anyone explain what's going on?

I'd like to change the mailto handler. But I need to pass some arguments to my program and Firefox doesn't offer that ability itself. To get that ability, I need to be able to change the system default so that Firefox recognizes the change. But where is Firefox finding the "default"?

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I think that you need to check the GNOME settings in System > Personal > Preferred Applications > Internet: Mail Reader

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I'm not running Gnome so it's tricky to get to that location. And Fedora 17 offers Gnome3, which doesn't have that location anyway. And I'm looking for a mailto handler -- for composing mail -- not a mail reader. In any case, gconf says Gnome's default is Evolution.