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when i am using the browser to download or preview speed is half but when i am using download manager speed is real this problem happend from 2 days a go


my firefox speed turned down from 2 days ago but before that it was ok and as the same as my bandwidth and my speed still is like before when i am using a download manager but in my forefox browser is turned down to less than the half. for example it used to download 30 kb every second but now is 5 or 10 kb per second.I Don’t think the problem is about the operator because it is good when I am downloading with download manager. You know it reminds me the problem I used to have when I was using IE 7 years ago and because of that problem I decide not to use IE any more and start using firefox .the problem was a virus named IE.exe or Iexplorer.EXE or something like that. That virus will turn down you internet speed to half when using the IE and I solved that with malwarebyte but I never used the IE from that moment any more.

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hello mehrmark, first of all it appears that you're using a VERY outdated version of firefox affected by countless highly critical security vulnerabilities - it will - or probably already has - put the integrity of your system and all your personal data at risk! so first of all please Update Firefox to the latest version & see if this is already addressing the issue.

how are you measuring your bandwith speed in firefox & what security related software is running on your system?

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Hi. thanks to you madperson for your help.I know your Trying to help but your answer makes me feel that I am a guy who is a beginner user. First about using and old version of firefox that is because I don’t like the appearance and the themes in newer version it sounds crazy I know what ever. But I must remind you that I have been using this version for a long time and in all those years it never happened any thing like that and now you are telling me suddenly my old version decide to retire it selfs with making excuse and want me to update it to a newer version. It sounds like your trying to presenting some products to me. Sorry just trying to be friendly. And if you want to know I don’t use any security software and when you saving files with your browser it shows the speed limits of downloading and how long does it takes to complete that is how you can simply measuring. I just want a very exact answer I mean if it has been happened to someone else like me about the IE problem I had and the solution I wrote something like that would be more interested and more than that I just want to know and learn what is the problem so next time someone unfortunately has the same problem I should give him the best solution. By the way thanks.

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A possible cause is security software (firewall,anti-virus) that blocks or restricts Firefox or the plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after detecting changes (update) to the Firefox program.

Remove all rules for Firefox and the plugin-container from the permissions list in the firewall and let your firewall ask again for permission to get full unrestricted access to internet for Firefox and the plugin-container process and the updater process.


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hey, i'm sorry if this is not the answer you'd like to hear, but there is no way to get this issue solved other than to first update to current firefox versions... use one of the many themes that are available if you don't like the default look of firefox.

firefox 3.5.2 was released on August 3, 2009 and reached its end of life one month later with the next update. it is impossible to give support for over three year old versions - in case there really was a bug in firefox that caused the slowdowns it will never be fixed in such old versions (or a bug fix might well have landed in newer versions in the meantime) and there is no significant user base left on firefox 3.5 today that could share tips or solutions about the problem you're facing.

again, i can only urge you to use a current browser (doesn't even have to be firefox) & probably also to do an indepth scan of your system with a tool like the free version of malwarebytes.

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Hi and thanks to not leaving the firefox user alone. Cor-el your answer is right as the madperson is and I already knew all these answer and I said that before I don’t use any antivirus and I always turn off my firewall from the moment I installed my Windows. I even turn off any automatic update for any of my software and I never let any unknown plugins or any thing like that be install without informing me. And if you know some things like Offline Storage and cookies must be to much more than usual and you have to clear them and delete them and I know so much more

And if you want to know it fixed now. But I don’t know how? For understanding my problem read and research about Ixplorer.exe virus it is the same problem about the speed but the different is it doesn’t show any process in task manager like Ixplorer.exe virus Bt I have done some things but still I don’t know that’s why it is fixed or not First: I searched my system and removed any files have been crated on my system from two days ago since the problem happened. And then I used to go about the article in this page and did like this:


but still I don’t know any thing about the problem. I can do so many things to fix but I am just curios if that is a virus why it just cut the speed when I am using the browser. Please if any one found the reason send me your information I like to know it will improve my knowledge however my problem is solved fro now.

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thanks again madperson I appreciate that your helping me but I am sorry to say this again that I don’t have any problem to fix that I just want to know the reason and sharing the knowledge maybe you should read the pervious comments I posted and it is fixed please read my comment to Cor-el . Your answer is to simple and is true but that’s not what I have been looking for. Thanks again.