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Is Firefox 16.0.1 compatible with Kaspersky Safe Money , Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard, and Kaspersky URL Advisor?


I'm currently using Firefox 15.0.1 and have installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. Firefox keeps telling me that I have an update to 16.0.1; however, It does NOT have compability for Kaspersky Safe Money, Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard, and Kaspersky URL Advisor. I would like to update to Firefox 16.0.1, but I don't want to loose these Kaspersky add ons (or whatever they're called). Please help.

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Installed Plug-ins

  • Shockwave Flash 11.4 r402
  • iTunes Detector Plug-in
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
  • 5.1.10411.0
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.3
  • The Hulu Desktop Plugin allows Hulu.com to integrate with the Hulu Desktop application.
  • The plug-in allows you to open and edit files using Microsoft Office applications
  • Office Authorization plug-in for NPAPI browsers


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Swarnava Sengupta 482 solutions 3135 answers

Version 2012 now supports Firefox hotfix K, In 2013 an updated version of the add-ons to my knowledge for the next hotfix C is planned. PURE it will probably take some time, because today, the add-ons to Firefox matched with Hotfix D

thuongnguyen 0 solutions 3 answers

This is my concern too.

trystane 0 solutions 4 answers

Mine also. I will not upgrade until the Kaspersky extensions are supported and I'm considering just switching to Chrome.

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a number of highly critical vulnerabilities have been fixed since firefox 15 - so you'll probably be less secure on the web when sticking with an old version. mozilla is not responsible for the compatibility of third-party addons, so please contact kaspersky's support to find out when there's an update available...

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Swarnava Sengupta 482 solutions 3135 answers

Helpful Reply

One more thing is protection doesnot depend on Firefox addon, you are always protected with heuristic engine, and Kaspersky scan traffic every second to keep you protect, addon are just shortcut to run virtual keyboard, etc... You are never less secure if your addon is disable or not installed, if your Antivirus activate with commercial license, and they are updated, if your antivirus lighted green and saying you are secured then you are safe, but downgrading to an old version may compromise your security..

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It is Kaspersky that supports Firefox updates and not the job of Mozilla to make Firefox compatible with the thousand of extensions out there, more so ones not even hosted at addons.mozilla.org

Kaspersky has always been a bit behind as 16.0 was released on Oct 9.

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mzaman.real 0 solutions 3 answers

i called kaspersky support , they told me that its mozillas problem they have to solve this , because they do not supprt kaspersky new version, so what should we do nw?

trystane 0 solutions 4 answers

My immediate reaction to use a different browser but frankly I don't like the options. I don't like MSIE and when I launch Chrome there are 10 or more processes running on my machine, all called Chrome.exe. I really don't like that.

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437 solutions 3156 answers

mzaman.real, Mozilla has never specifically supported kaspersky with any Firefox version new or old. Unless it can be proven that a new version has a bug or regression that is making it difficult for kaspersky to get their stuff working which has yet to ever happen.

The kaspersky support tech may not have cared to help you or was trying direct blame at Mozilla.

In thread, kaspersky email support responses has them implying that Mozilla still has not made Firefox 16.0 compatible, when it is really the other way. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=246187

Even Norton got their act together and went from being rather slow on updating to having a Norton update within a day or two at latest when a new major Firefox version is released ever since Firefox 4.0.

With most normal Extensions ever since Firefox 10.0 the extensions compatibility has not been a issue with the exception of those that are binary or version specific like those that are supplied by antivirus like the ones from Kaspersky and Norton for example.

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mzaman.real 0 solutions 3 answers

hey , mozilla 15 is fully compatible wid kaspersky,,, who told u that kaspersky never supported mozilla , aftr upgrading mozillas newest version 16 this problem arrived , before it was ok

scottls59901 0 solutions 6 answers

My KIS 2013 plugins have been Disabled since FireFox 16/17!? Support Tickets, and their Forum were No Help?

I mainly missed their Virtual Keyboard (secure logins...), and Site Advisor- I found Add-ons on the FF site, that work as well or Better!

1. WOT Web of Trust- This puts different colored safety icons next to Search Results (millions of more sites than KIS).

2. VkeyBoard- This puts an icon at the bottom of Every Page, that you can click to open a secure Virtual Keyboard.

trystane 0 solutions 4 answers

These problem appear to have been resolved in Firefox 17.0.1. However, I had to turn on the Safe Money and Virtual Keyboard plug-ins manually.

scottls59901 0 solutions 6 answers

KIS 2013 "Finally" got a Plugin Fix with auto-upgrade (d)- For this patch to be applied, you need to "reboot!" 20min after 1st cold startup for it to apply (KIS auto-updates 15min after cold startup, and every two hours after that). Then wait 8min & Right click on the Red K taskbar icon/About- It should show (d), instead of (c) after the version#.

Pros- All the plugins are now working (you might have to Enable each...).

Cons!- -Virtual Keyboard!- All Search box suggestions are Disabled (i.e. amazon.com...)!  :o( My fix was to Disable VK, and install Free KeyScrambler (passes the rootkit tests, and I did IE option also.../can't have both Enabled!), and you just plain type in Protected Fields (love it!). Be sure to Customize both FF/IE (double up arrow on Taskbar...) & Show Icons and Notifications so you can see its Green K (on), or Yellow K (off). FF is at top, and IE is near bottom.

IMPORTANT!- To be sure you don't reboot in the middle of a KIS Update!- You need to Animate both the Taskbar K icon, and the Safe Money Desktop icon!- Settings/Advanced/Appearance & tick both boxes...! Red K/Safe Money will now spin when KIS is doing updates...!

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ddnoack 0 solutions 2 answers

Helpful Reply

Resetting Firefox 18 immediately remedied my problem of not being able to send email attachments after upgrading to Kaspersky Pure 2.0. I have no other issues that occurred because of this fix, so I'm thrilled with the result. Thanks for providing the assistance that Kaspersky is unable to give.