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Cannot access my sync account


I cannot access my sync account on any computer. I have tried to get it to send me the password so I can access it, but I never get the e-mail. Although I attempt to set up a new account in the event that I did not use that e-mail to set up my account and it says it is already in use. So I cannot access my account and I cannot create a new account with my current e-mail. I cannot move forward or backward here. Is my only option to go back to IE?

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Five sentences explaining you issue with sync, and then you ask that?

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Well yes after spending an hour trying to find some form of contact for technical support and the best they have is this forum where someone is only going to give me wise crack responses instead of viable assistance. Seems logical to me. Love the professionalism by the way, but I guess that is what you get when you let the inmates run the asylum. Now is there someone out there with some helpful advice that might actually be of some assistance?

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You are right. Sync's reset password feature is broken at the moment.

I found a bug where the issue is being tracked and as soon as a fix is posted there I'll update this post. It looks like the server that sends the emails is offline or having some other sort of technical issue. I can't say for sure b/c I don't work for Mozilla.

Anyway, even the Mozilla employees themselves are unable to get their password reset emails. So take comfort in knowing that you aren't the only one with this problem. :) As far as how soon you can expect a fix? I didn't see any timetable for that. I'll let you know if that changes.

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50 solutions 304 answers

Update: I've heard from the Mozilla developers that a fix for the broken Sync password reset was finished last night. It should be working now.

Let us know if you still can not reset the password so we can let them know.