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is there a way to auto store more than 10 sites in the recently bookmarked folder


is it possible for this "smart" folder to auto save more than a list of 10 recently bookmarked sites? i DO put the ones i wish to keep into other folders, but i often want to revisit in some immediate future w/o doing this...

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The "blue search icon" folders are not real folders, they run a search in your history/bookmarks database (the Places database).

Those bookmarks are tricky to edit; there was an add-on named SearchPlaces that made it easy, but that was withdrawn and there's no official source for it. For an unofficial source, see this thread: How do I sort ALL my bookmarks into alphabetical order with ONE CLICK?.

A more roundabout way would be to create a completely new Smart Bookmark Folder (places search bookmark), as follows.

First, you need to develop the places search query. The following will show the last 20 bookmarks you added (excluding query-type bookmarks). To increase the number, adjust the maxResults value:


(For definitions of those parameters and many more, see: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/d.../Places_query_URIs)

Copy that places search query to the clipboard.

Open the Bookmarks Organizer (Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks).

Create a new bookmark on the Bookmarks Menu. On Windows, you right-click and choose New Bookmark; not sure on Mac.

In the Name, enter something like Last 20 Bookmarks, and in the Location, paste the above places search query. Then click Add.

Next, drag the new bookmark to the Bookmarks Toolbar (in the Bookmarks Organizer). This forces Firefox to recognize it as a query-type bookmark. If you prefer it somewhere else, you can drag it there instead. Or you can drag it back.

Then switch over to Firefox and test. Success?

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Note that you (may) need to close and restart Firefox to make a new smart folder work properly and show its contents.