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Aeon theme approved for 14.0.1 Dev says but won't load

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I contacted Aeon (Theme) Developer because it wouldn't load into Fx 14.0.1. He said they sent him this message after he prepped it for the upgrade: ""Good news! Our automated tests did not detect any compatibility issues with your add-on Aeon Big and Firefox 14.0. We've updated your add-on's compatibility to work with Firefox 14.0 so that our Aurora users can begin using your add-on."

I am a Mac user running Lion an Fx 14.0.1 and will stick my head in the oven if I can't continue to use the Aeon themes.

This is my only reason to ne me using Safari.

Can you kindly get the Ed Hume Aeon themes approved and hooked up?


---Gary Gladstone

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Unfortunately the Add-ons team probably isn't reading this board. They have their own forum:

The release of Firefox 14.0 as 14.0.1 seems to have caught them unaware, as this is the second add-on issue I've replied to in a row that was approved for 14.0. Sigh.

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It would seem that Ed Hume has not updated his themes since Firefox 5. The same thing is true of his Halloween theme. I am running it anyway after bumping up the max version for the target application in the install.rdf file inside the .jar file. You could probably get that to work with the Aeon Big theme as well.

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jscher2000, it probably does not help that the 14.0 builds were Beta test builds and therefore people probably thought the final was going to be 14.0 and not 14.0.1 to be in sync with the mobile Firefox 14.0.1 update.

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Thanks for all the responses. However, I'm terminally confused at this point.

Ed Hume (kind enough to respond to me query) said that he did his work and submitted the required paperwork indicating that the Aeon (and others) were appropriately upgraded for the new Fx 14x and they responded as I indicated in the previous quite. Essentially they said "Fine.Thanks."

I am technically challenged and am wondering if there is a way to do anything on the Lion Mac to get Aeon (any Aeon) up and running. (Kindergarten language would be appreciated.)

(I will post my original complaint to the Ad-On Teams' site.)

Many thanks.

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Hi Gary, apologies for the confusion. Add-ons contain a list of compatible versions of Firefox, and this sometimes can be changed to work with a higher version. I realize the following information is barely in English, but for possible future reference:

This article describes the steps involved:

If you're interested in experimenting, please make a backup of the existing add-on file, since you won't be able to download it again. You can find it in your current Firefox settings (Firefox profile) folder using:

Help > Troubleshooting Information > "Show Folder" button > extensions

If it's not apparent which one it is, you can use the Troubleshooting Information page to track down the GUID.

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If Ed Hume updated his themes and the people running the Add-ons site have approved the updates, why do the themes have a notice in red letters, "Not available for Firefox 14.0.1?"

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The version there says 14.0 which literally means 14.0 and not a .1 higher. That's just how it seems to work on that site. ??

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Isn't that what MY question was?

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If you look at the description on the add-ons page for that theme, it says it was updated June 4, 2011. If you download the installer for the theme, extract the install.rdf file, and read it, the max version for the target application is still 5.*. It has not been updated recently.

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"...and read it, the max version for the target application is still 5.*. It has not been updated recently."

OK, Thanks. Net is I found a useful workaround:

I did go back to Fx version 13.01 and added this extension: ([[Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks 1.3|]]) as per somebody on a forum. Then I updated again to Fx 14.0.1 with that extension loaded and guess what; the Aeons (and the others from my old themes) all work again. I have no idea what the reason was but I'm not complaining. The extension is now loaded into 14.0.1. According to the forum people, as long as I don't touch the extension's settings and leave it at default, Aeon stuff should work after future upgrades. I think this is the equivilent of fairy dust.