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How do I get rid of CONDUIT SEARCH ?


How do I get ride of the dreadful CONDUIT SEARCH which has colonised my Firefox search like computer Herpes? I have tried a few of the replies but nothing has helped - it appears nowhere on any program list and even the following didn't do the trick :-

Owner AnonymousUser 1 year ago Several tried to but no one seemed to understand the real problem. I COULD, because it was mine too. So it follows the only ultimate solution:

1. Open Firefox 2. On the address bar, type – about:config in the URL. Press Enter.
3. You will be warned about Warranty. Click on “I’ll be careful…” 

4. On the Filter dialog box type – search.conduit 5. It will display all related entries. Right-click on Preferences Name and Reset. It worked for me, after trying a dozen of "fake" solutions. ;)

Other than serious chainsaw work, any ideas?

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For the record, if I try the above and open a second Firefox then the correct settings appear, but when I close everything and then restart, CONDUIT SEARCH , like Arnie, is 'back'. The 'reset' doesn't appear to save.

Ricky Rosario
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We have an article that should help guide you to a solution:


Question owner

Thanks for the easy fix! Glad to get rid of that dreadful CONDUIT SEARCH rubbish and back to FIREFOX. Your help was easy to follow and it worked. I'm going for a coffee and a chocolate biscuit to celebrate.

Ricky Rosario
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8 solutions 60 answers

Yay! Glad it worked out :-)