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How to show Gmail red envelope and notice in toolbar.


In Internet Explorer, I have a little red envelope icon in a toolbar that shows me when I have new mail in Gmail. I have been unable to place the red envelope icon in a Firefox toolbar. My wife especially relies on this icon to click for new messages. I know Firefox will not support a Google toolbar, but is there another way I can at least add the red envelope Gmail notice to a toolbar?

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One way would be to enable the Unread message icon feature in Mail Settings > Labs when signed into gmail.

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Thanks for the tip. This does indeed show me the number of messages when I sign into gmail. But what I wanted was an icon that showed me gmail messages when I first sign into firefox. The feature in IE then lets me access gmial by clicking on the icon. Thanks anyhow.

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You may be able to get that with an add-on. Please see this. Especially Gmail Manager, WebMail Notifier and GMail Checker. I haven't used any of those add-ons. Please go through the reviews, ratings, FAQs, help files, pictures etc. before installing. Hope this is useful.

Alternatively you can also type in gmail notifier or similar words in the search box (top right corner) located in Tools (Alt + T) > Add-ons.