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Is there a way to disable scrolling with the arrow keys on the keyboard?


Is there a way to disable scrolling with the arrow keys? It is impossible to play online games where you need to use the up/down arrow keys as controls in the game when these keys also make the screen scroll up and down.

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on second thought "keyconfig" probably does not control those keys, but if you install the extension sort on shortcuts to make sure.

These games are in a browser (Firefox) ?

do you mean the Page Up and Page Dn keys which may be affected by the Num Lk key if you have overlaid keys. Or the navigation keyboard keys Up/Left/Down/Right either way I don't have an answer

Try "keyconfig" extension by Dorando at his site

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Yes, the games are the Firefox browser.

David McRitchie 321 solutions 3089 answers

I can't really withdraw my answer, but I see you already saw it, not sure which keys you mean, maybe someone else can though I don't know names to distinguish between the two areas other than two are page up and page dn, and the other four are something else.

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If a plugin like Flash is used to show the games then that plugin should handle all key presses once that plugin has focus and the cursor keys shouldn't scroll the page. So make sure that you click with the mouse in that game to give it focus.