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Unsorted Bookmarks in FF6.0 Can't Be remove or moved


I upgraded to new firefox 6 and there is this awful Unsorted Bookmarks in the Bookmark Menu. If is forced at the bottom which to me serves no purpose and is annoying. There seems to be no way to delete it or move to a location that you chose. It is nice to have new features, some people may like this, but to make them static so people who do not like this can't turn them off is not what firefox use to be like, it seems the are getting to be more like internet explorer. If there is a way to move or remove it it would be helpful.

Chosen solution

Sorry, that folder was added to that drop-down in Firefox 6.0 because other users complained that the Unsorted Bookmarks folder wasn't in that drop-down, and they didn't want to have to access that folder through the Sidebar or the Library window. Goes to show that you can't satisfy all users, all the time.

The Menu Editor extension hasn't worked for the Bookmarks menu since the Firefox 2 versions. IMO, it was never properly updated for the changes made to the bookmarks system for Firefox 3+ versions. We're probably lucky that it works at all this many years after the original developer stopped updating it himself.

This works for me at hiding for me in 6.0 in both the Menu Bar drop-down and the BTB Bookmarks button (doesn't remove the separator there). Either add it as a new script in Stylish or to a userChrome.css file you create.

 @namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);

/* Hide "Unsorted Bookmarks" in bookmarks toolbar menu button and the menu bar drop-down */
#bookmarksMenuPopup > menuseparator[builder="end"]

#BMB_unsortedBookmarks {
  display: none !important }

I combined this user script with the script mentioned in one of the comments about this user script.

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@ dkuperman in Windows you don't want to do that because its the 'unsorted bookmarks' folder (single click) that lets you "Import and Backup" your favorites & lets you categorize your favorites into specific group folders..