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After installing Firefox 6 it disables java 6.0.26 and says "not compatible...". The last version ov java is which is what most users use. What is the solution?

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This morning I installed Firefox 6 and it says that it is not compatible with Java Console 6.0.26 and it is disabled. I am using Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. Is this normal?

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The "Java Console" add-on is only needed if you are a programmer writing Java code that runs in Firefox. Otherwise, this add-on is not useful. Disabling it will not affect web pages that use Java.

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te contesto en español pero si es normal ami tambien seme desactivo java esperare aque se actualize si no sabes español utiliza google traductor para entender mi mensaje saludos y surte

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Hi, some solutions:

- you can just wait an update for Java.

- you can install "Add-on Compatibility Reporter" by Mozilla

"After installing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter, your incompatible extensions will become enabled for you to test..." "Note: Recommended for alpha and beta users only!"

I'm using it for "Java" and "deskCut". Unfortunatly, it will be usefull for frequent news firefox versions.

(Sorry for my english... but much better than my spanish xD)

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Chosen Solution

The "Java Console" add-on is only needed if you are a programmer writing Java code that runs in Firefox. Otherwise, this add-on is not useful. Disabling it will not affect web pages that use Java.

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Not quite true certain web pages need java and are NOT working correctly at the moment .

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KECD, He said the separate Java Console Extension is not needed anyways while the Java plugin (in Tools->Add-ons->Plugins) should still work

The Java plugin itself is not normally disabled unless it was a old version and put on a blocklist like

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Java Plugins now work tried several times yesterday to get the broadband speed checker site to work with no luck today it is ok, the only thing that has changed is firefox updated the norton toolbar plugins today. (Strange) .

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No, Norton updated their Firefox add-ons.

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All this geekspeak! After three wasted days of trying to get access to my broker's trading platform, or my data supplier's streaming application, after repeatedly installing the latest versions of Firefox and Java, after repeatedly clearing my cache, I finally found a diagnostic tool that told me I needed a Java plugin. It didn't tell me what plugin, or where to get it, just that I needed it!

Then I found another diagnostic tool that told me I do have the Java plugin.

Then I came to this website and by accident stumbled on the fact that FIREFOX 6 DISABLES JAVA! #@%#&!! Did it occur to ANYONE to test this before releasing it?

And, contrary to comments further up this page, some websites DO need Java! (Or a Java plugin, or the Java console - what's the difference? Geekspeak hairsplitting aside, SOMETHING still isn't working.) The two sites I can't get access to, for starters. As of half an hour ago they still weren't working.

So, is there a solution? If not, when will one be available? Until then, will installing Firefox 5 get me out of trouble? Is Firefox 5 still available? (Rhetorical question - I'll go looking for it. With any luck I will find it somewhere.) My livelihood depends on restoring access to these two websites. Headache tablets, anyone?

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I installed Firefox 5.0 and ran all the diagnostics. Everything came up clear - but STILL no access to my broker and still no streaming data.


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Maybe you could try Java 6 Update 27. Oracle mentions that it's certified for Firefox 5.0 however you could possibly test in Firefox 6.

Java 6 Update 27 (x86) (Direct download link) -

OR Maybe you could try Java 7-

More about Java 7 -

Java 7 (x86) (Direct download link) -

NOTE: Neither Java 6 Update 27 nor Java 7 are betas. They are stable released products. However they are not available on, so Java 6 U26 cannot update to Java 6 Update 27 or Java 7.

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For 3 days I been deleting and downloading and with out a doubt Java seems to be the biggest mystery, I have tried all v6 variables, and now ver 7 pre release. IT DOES NOT WORK! neither does the compatability checker mentioned above, Also tried various add ons. Still nothing, now youtube videos are a black square, links will not work and forget Facebook or apps. This really sucks, I expected better from Mozilla I would expect this from IE. If you load the error console while loading pages you will see how much Java is used and stops page from loading

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Please provide a version of Firefox which is compatible with Java, or we won't be able to use Firefox...


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It might be necessary to first download the free Revo Uninistaller v. 1.93 from http://www.Java (not the 2.5.3 Pro version) and then use Revo to uninstall your current Java installation. There is a Safe, Moderate and Advanced mode in Revo Uninstaller - use the Advanced mode to clean all residual Java registry entries and files.

Then re-boot and download and install Java v. 7.00 JRE. FileHippo has both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions on their site. Oracle is still recommending Java 6.26 for general release while Java 7.00 is being tested by developers but most people seem to be using the v. 7.00 JRE without any problems

Hopefully a clean uninstall with Revo and re-installation with Java v. 7.00 will solve the problem.

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit * Firefox 5.0 * Java 6.26 * Revo Uninstaller Free 1.93

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It is all okay for the tech savvy people to come up with solutions that involved downloads of various software to might resolve the problem but this is to much for non tech savvy person like me to spend time trying to resolve the problem.

I agree with some of the comments of other non tech savvy people, if you still have installation software of Ver 5 or 5.01, re-install either Ver 5 or 5.01 until Firefox can resolve the problem.

I think Firefox should withdraw Ver 6 and allow the public download of Ver 5.01 until the Java problem has been resolved.

I am surprised that Firefox allowed the released on Ver 6 with this fault, as this is the first time I have experienced a problem with Firefox software since I first used Ver 1.5.

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Post error

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Oh brother. Nobody should have to sit at their computer and try to be a programmer. We just want the thing to WORK. Here's the solution: Google "download site for Firefox version 5.1"'ll get lots of hits, most of which have been disabled by Mozilla (gee, thanks a lot, guys) but there's still some out there. When you find one, be sure to save it!

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I updated to Firefox 6.0 and Java 7.0 (v., and Firefox 6 still disables the Java Console extension on my Vista 32-bit system.

However, the plugins for the Java Deployment Toolkit and Java Platform SE are both enabled and when I test my Java installation with the Java Version Checker, it reports that my Java plug-ins are working normally.

If you still have Java v. 6.26, I would suggest that you test your Java plug-ins with the Java Version Checker, because it may show that your Java plug-ins actually work in Firefox 6.0.

After reading mbrubeck's post above, I'm beginning to wonder if it really affects the average user if the Java Console extension is disabled as long as the plug-ins are working. Perhaps Java auto-updating is affected if the console doesn't work?

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit * Firefox 6.0 * Java 7.00

Modified by lmacri

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I just upgraded from 3.6.19 to 6.0, and Java is working fine for me (sans console).

Checked using the "verify java version" page:

Other java-based sites look to be okay also.

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Firefox's plugins work... Just because you aren't tech saavy doesn't give you an excuse. the quickest way to find out is to simply go to and search for plugin checker it appears first. run the checker and when your done update all your plugins before you restart firefox. YOU should also make sure to read your plugins because firefox notates if they are incompatible so you should use there recommended program and NO the java console does not affect your ability to use java its a developer program as long as your runtime environment plugin is up to date you should be fine.. or be patient.

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I have tried to delete FF6 and reinstall FF5, but once that occurs it automatically upgrades itself to 6.

Seriously flawed, why fully release something that is not fully functioning.

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