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How can I restore "most visited" to bookmarks toolbar on firefox 5.0 ?


I deleted it to tidy up tool bar , but another user has asked for me to put it back

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Make sure that you paste the full text in the location field and include the place: protocol

  • place:redirectsMode=2&sort=8&maxResults=10

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David McRitchie 321 solutions 3089 answers

This is a bookmark that acts like a folder, "smart folder", possibly the only so called "smart" anything in Firefox that does not have several conflicting definitions.

Create a new bookmarks with the following properties:

Name: Most Visited
Location: place:sort=8&redirectsMode=2&maxResults=10

To learn more about such shortcuts see

update: After creating the bookmark for a "smart folder" you must, restart Firefox after which the bookmark looks like a folder and will function properly. You cannot use it as location typed/pasted into the location bar, nor with a keyword shortcut, it must function like a folder.

If you display favicons for folders and bookmarks it will then look like a blue search magnifier on a pale blue background rather than a white page bookmark favicon or a yellow folder favicon.

I don't display favicons on the bookmarks toolbar so I saw it it change from red for a bookmark, to blue for folder, using a style ("Bookmarks Toolbar Blue/Folders, Red/Bookmarks") before/after restarting Firefox.

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I tried this but Firefox can't find the server at "www.sort=8&redirects... "

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Chosen Solution

Make sure that you paste the full text in the location field and include the place: protocol

  • place:redirectsMode=2&sort=8&maxResults=10

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gmacinni 0 solutions 2 answers

Dmcritchey, Thanks so much for your effort. I thought I was kind of smart solving problems on computers, but your response (which I appreciate) is far beyond my capability! I will wait until the next version of Firefox, and who knows, my problem might be solved. Keep up the good work!!!! Georgina

David McRitchie 321 solutions 3089 answers

Hi Georgina,

A newer version of Firefox will not bring back what you purposely deleted. But if you are not displaying the Bookmarks Toolbar then you might want to display it because that is where the original is/was. (see additional comment at bottom)

First create a bookmark: and let's make it for 12 instead of 10

Right click on your bookmarks toolbar, "Create a new bookmark". Use copy and paste to populate your bookmark from the following:

Name:       Most visited (12)

Location:   place:sort=8&redirectsMode=2&maxResults=12

Use the "Add" at the bottom to create the bookmark, no peeking at the location, you won't see it.

Exit Firefox with "Alt+F" then Exit (don't use the "X" in upper right corner)

Left click on your what is now your "Smart Folder", and you should see the 12 most visited from your history -- nothing to do with bookmarks that you also have.

If you right-click on the "Smart Folder" you won't still won't see the location, unless you have an extension or a style to show everything. -- David McRitchie

If you are not displaying the Bookmarks Toolbar then you can display it with "Alt+V" to bring up the View menu then "T" for Toolbars, click to show checkmark next to the Bookmarks Toolbar.

You can make Firefox Firefox 5.0 look like Firefox 3.6.19, see numbered items 1-10 in the following topic Fix Firefox 4.0 toolbar user interface, problems (Make Firefox 5.0, or 4.0.1, look like 3.6). Whether or not you make changes, you should be aware of what has changed and what you have to do to use changed or missing features.