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Sort ID/Passwords...

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I have several web sites where I have multiple log in ID/PW combinations. Often this is an email address and an associated password. I like to have these accounts, when saved in FF, sorted by account name. Other than logging in and saving the accounts in account name order, is there a way to accomplish this? Basically what I want to know is there a way to sort the IDs/PWs saved for a given web site?

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Anyone have feedback on this at all please?

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Hello, Are you referring to ID/Passwords that have been saved within Firefox?

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No IE.... DUH Yes FF. Why else would I be posting on a FF support forum?

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You will have to place it on your hard drive in order to run it.

As for sorting you can use a bookmarklet or an extension, but it would only be alphabetical on a column before

Maybe the authors could add the hostname or sitename in a column to make sorting choices easier

Corrected web page at top, also see

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I have no idea what that URL is supposed to do for me. It's just a web page with no content. You seem to be talking about sorting bookmarks. That is NOT what I am asking about. An example is that several of us in the house have Yahoo mail accounts and the log in info is saved. I would like it so that when you go to Yahoo mail and click the user box to drop down the list of saved accounts, for that list to be sorted alphabetically. the default is to list it in the order the accounts/PWs were saved.

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Your recent posting with the example cleared up what you are asking for me.

The sort order of saved username / passwords that are displayed in the drop-down as choices when you go to login at a website is based upon frequency of usage. The most used data is at the top of the list, followed by data used in decreasing hierarchy. IOW, the order that data appears may change over time. It is unpredictable behavior and is an asinine way to display that data, IMO. I don't know a way to change that order.

Prior to the Firefox 3.6 version, that data would appear in the drop-down is same order all the time, based upon how Firefox saved that data as shown in the Saved Passwords window in Options > Security. The data shown in the Saved Passwords window appears in an alpha-sort with the fields data using a left to right priority.

Sorry if my answer is a little confusing, but I haven't seen an explanation in Firefox documentation of that sort is done and have had to figure it out by myself based upon how it used to work vs how it now works.

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Here is what I did:

1. Exported passwords/IDs. I made two copies, because so I had one perfect copy (backup).
2. Deleted all passwords.
3. Opened one of the copies in #1 in an TEXT EDITOR that allows you to sort.
4. Highlighted all lines that start with "entry host"
5. Sorted the lines.
6. Imported back in

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