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How to disable 'Switch to tab'


How to disable 'Switch to tab'?

This 'feature' is useless and pretty much annoying.

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oggologgo 0 solutions 7 answers

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Here's a better solution. Don't put in such a stupid function. Let people use an add-on if they DO want such a function, instead of having people use an add-on to avoid it.

Firefox is just getting more and more annoying.

PhotoBoothe 0 solutions 4 answers

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Agreed! If I'm dumb enough to take two different tabs to the same url by mistake, that's my problem. But when I am deliberately attempting to take a second tab to the same page and that "switch to tab" function prevents the not-very-awesome-at-that-moment-bar from doing so...? Remedy: 1) Castrate whoever developed the "switch to tab" function. 2) Remove that useless and incredibly annoying function from this and all future versions of Firefox. 3) Repeat step 1 as necessary...

Thanks to modem, Gryllida, and oggologgo for having addressed the issue here!

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Hold down the Alt or Shift key while an entry in the drop down list is highlighted to disable "Switch to tab" and see the URL of all entries instead.

  • Alt + Enter opens the highlighted URL in a new tab.
  • Shift + Enter opens the highlighted URL in the current tab.
  • Cursor Right copies the highlighted URL to the location bar in case you want to edit it.
PhotoBoothe 0 solutions 4 answers

Thank you for info. on another work-around for this situation. I've already installed the "switch to tab no more" add-on that Gyllida listed and believe that the simplest and best solution would still be to remove the "switch to tab" feature, period. That feature is a useless "solution"-in-search-of-a-problem to begin with. "Switch-to-tab" MIGHT make sense if offered as an add-on for any who actually want it, but NOT as the installed-by-default setup. Thank you again though for making an additional option available!

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