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How do I permanently remove the Yahoo toolbar which simply appeared the other day and which I do not want?


The Yahoo toolbar simply appeared at start up the other day. I don't want it, won't use it, and want to get rid of it. The two suggestions on your Help didn't relate: Click on the "Pencil Menu"--what and where is that? Can't find anything that remotely appears to be a Pencil Menu. 2nd: Go to Tools, click on Extension--no such thing on my Tools menu anywhere.

Real help, please!

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chriswalsh 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

Fixed it! On the top left of the firefox screen there is a box marked "Edit". If you right click on this, you are given the option of selecting the toolbars displayed. If you uncheck Yahoo Toolbar, it disappears.

Firefox is great but these continual requests to install the Yahoo Toolbar makes me wonder if I shouldn't return to Windows Internet Explorer.

Hope this fixes the problem for you.

Chris Walsh

bedouinglobal 0 solutions 1 answers

I opened my FF today and also found that the Yahoo toolbar had appeared. I don't want to hide it I want to remove it completely, however there seems to be no way to do this. Is one of the Fierfox add ons doing this? In the past I could uninstall but this is not possible this time.

gnoelj 0 solutions 1 answers


By trial and error, I discovered how to solve this problem of removing the Yahoo! Toolbar from the Firefox Browser. This is how you do it: Make sure you are opened on Firefox Browser. Go to the TOP LEFT HAND corner of your screen. You will find a Label/Button with the name "Firefox". Put your cursor over "Firefox" button and "click" open the Firefox drop-down menu. On the RIGHT column of the menu you will see:


Scroll down to "Options" --> And then move to Open the Options sub-menu.

Scroll down Options sub-menu.

You will see:

    Menu Bar
    Navigation Toolbar
    Bookmarks Toolbar
    Yahoo! Toolbar
    Add-on Bar
    Tabs on Top
    Toolbar Layout

Scroll down to "Yahoo! Toolbar" and uncheck it.

Your Yahoo! Toolbar will then be automatically be removed from your Window.

Problem Solved !!!!

Modified by gnoelj

waqarabbas 0 solutions 1 answers

click on top left of firefox,search for addons,below it is options,click on it and simply uncheck yahoo toolbar,it will disappear immediately.

ravenlll 0 solutions 2 answers

Helpful Reply

finally found how to remove the Yahoo toolbar! go to

Tools AddOns Extensions

Find Yahoo Toolbar and click "remove" ... after you do this you must re-start Firefox but then it's gone!!

ssegler 0 solutions 1 answers

Thanks Chris! That worked fine!

balloonz 0 solutions 1 answers

tried all sorts to get rid of the yahoo search,but non worked,then at the last resort i deleted Firefox,opened "regedit" and removed all traces of Mozilla Firefox from the registry,then re-installed Firefox and success........good riddance to yahoo search.

identical1 0 solutions 2 answers

RavenIII's solution is the one you want to remove the Yahoo! Toolbar. All the other options simply "hide" or don't show the toolbar, however, it is still on your computer...

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almurry35 0 solutions 1 answers

You can remove Yahoo! Toolbar just like any other Firefox Add-on (also called an Extension in older versions of Firefox).

Here are the steps:

   1. Click the Tools menu at the top left of the Firefox browser.
   2. Click Add-ons or Extensions in the Tools menu (depending on which version of Firefox you have).
   3. In the window that opens, scroll until you find Yahoo! Toolbar and click on it.
   4. Click Uninstall or Remove.
   5. Click again when you are prompted to confirm.
   6. Close the Add-ons Manager or Extensions Manager, and restart your browser. 
 7. Yafuckinhoo!!!you have deleted the yahoo toolbar, thank F**K   (~_^)

PS. using View/toolbars/un-check or un-tick only hides the yahoo toolbar and doesn't remove it.

Modified by almurry35

thirunavukarasu 0 solutions 1 answers

How can I permanently remove a tool bar from Fire Fox 6.0.1 Actual problem is I downloaded game along with that game a tool bar installed with fire fox. How can I permanently remove it from fire fox. Please can anybody clearly explain how to remove that installed tool bar. Please see the attachment marked in black color at three parts of the window.

angelkidgurl 0 solutions 1 answers

Go to Help > Click Restart with Add-ons Disabled > Select Restart > Check Disable All Add-ons and Reset Tool bars and Controls (you may check any others if needed) > Click Make Changes and Restart.

I hope this helps because it worked for me(=