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Firefox does not launch. Process firefox.exe *32 is in task manager, but browser does not open.


Running Windows 7. Installed latest version of Java and Firefox. Rebooted. Firefox no longer launches but does have a process running.

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

Today after reboot

Installed Plug-ins



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Something is preventing Firefox from loading your profile correctly. You may want to try loading Firefox in Safe Mode with add-ons disabled.

How To Start Firefox in Safe Mode

Once you're in Safe Mode you can view a list of your plugins in Tools > Add-Ons > Plugins and disable each plug-in one by one until Firefox can open normally outside of safe-mode. If disabling one particular plugin fixes the problem you will need to uninstall that plugin. You are not able to uninstall plug-ins from within Firefox itself but sometimes they are related to other programs installed on Windows.

Uninstalling Plugins FAQ

Your system details shows that your Firefox version is 3.x however the latest version is 4.0.1. If you're not sure you've installed the latest version you can try downloading the latest version and installing it again.

Mozilla Firefox Homepage

Visit this link to determine if your Firefox plugins are truly up-to-date.

Mozilla Firefox Plugin Check

As a last resort you can uninstall and reinstall Firefox, while keeping existing user settings and profiles, but if it continues to hang while booting, as a final resort you can delete your profile and start over. Take note you will lose all of your preferences, bookmarks, and stored search queries and passwords.

Starting The Profile Manager