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Is there a way to set new tabs to open on a certain page (ie. google)


I would like new blank tabs to open on a search engine or other url, is there a way to make it so "new tab" opens a tab that isn't blank? I'm using Firefox 3.6.13 on a Macbook Pro


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You can look at one of these extensions:

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  • Use Shortcut Keys

Using key shortcuts [ Ctrl]+[T] will open a new tab if you then press [Ctrl]+[K] that will take you into your default browser search and your results will then open in the new tab.

other alternatives would be

  • Use a Keyword

Set your required search engine or other page to be a bookmark. Then give that bookmark a keyword maybe using "gs" for google search See How to search IMDB, Wikipedia and more from the address bar If you enter that keyword into the location bar you will go to the chosen location

  • Add multiple tabs to your homepage startup list

You can easily set Firefox to open a series of multiple tabs on startup see How to set the home page