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Recently my facebook wall is covered with adds to the top and middle of the wall. This does not happen in safari. How can I remove these ads??


Recently, my facebook wall is covered in ads at the top and middle of my wall. This does not happen in Safari or on my desktop which uses Firefox. can you tell me how to remove these?

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Actually it definitely had to do with this PageRage add on -- which was somehow in with our Firefox browser - but affected Facebook even when using IE. I can't even begin to understand how this all works, but found the following tutorial which explained how to get rid of PageRage. PageRage wasn't on my IE, but Yontoo Layers was on our Firefox - and when I uninstalled it - voila, the ads disappeared and so did PageRage.

Now to uncover how this got on in the first place.

Uninstall from Internet Explorer: Go to the Windows Start menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove ("Programs & Features" in Vista) and click "Remove" next to 'PageRage Toolbar'.

Uninstall from Firefox (PC): Go to the Windows Start menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove ("Programs & Features" in Vista) and click "Remove" next to 'Yontoo Layers'. Note: This will also uninstall Yontoo Layers too. Currently there is no way to uninstall the PageRage Toolbar from Firefox on a PC without also uninstalling Yontoo Layers but it is possible to Disable the PageRage Toolbar (see question above), which will have the same effect as uninstalling.

Uninstall from Firefox (Mac): In the top menu, go to Tools > Add-ons. Select the Yontoo Layers logo and then click Uninstall.

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There's a couple of ways to remove ads from Facebook, AdBlock Plus is prbably the easiest and most effective. Read about it at http://techod.com/how-to-remove-ads-from-facebook/