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Why does new TAB default to Yahoo SEARCH engine page?


Every time I open a new tab it defaults to Yahoo search engine page. I hate this. I want a BLANK page as in earlier versions of firefox, or I want ability to customize tab (set website of my choice). How can I remove Yahoo from being the default page when I open a new TAB, and set my default tab website of choice.

Does yahoo own Firefox? If so I will install another browser all together.

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it was very helpful,thanks a lot

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Every time Firefox opened

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This is likely to have been modified by an add-on, the built-on option for Firefox will only use a blank page. Check the settings for your add-ons to see if one has such a setting. You can also follow the procedure in the Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems article to identify the culprit.

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I had the same problem. I found the solution in this article:


Hope this helps.

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Here’s the easy, get rid of it for good fix: It’s done within Firefox. Enter [about:config] in the url address box. Click “I’ll be careful. I promise”. In the <filter> field, type “extensions.netassistant” (no quotes). Right click on the field: “extensions.netassistant.tabsearch.url”, click on , either delete its string or enter your own. I’ve entered “https://encrypted.google.com” (this is a beta encrypted search by Google) just as a personal satisfaction against Yahoo. Do the same for:”extensions.netassistant.url” field. NOTE: If you haven’t modified your Firefox configuration before and you don’t feel comfortable in what you are about to do, do a backup of your preferences. The backup procedure can be found at: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/backing%20up%20your%20information. Or just do a Google search for “backup Firefox pref.js”.

UPDATE:(2/26/2011 5:04PM CST) After all that tinkering with [about:config], (which did work for me), I've found an even simpler answer: -Close all browsers. -Open [control panel]. -Open [add/remove programs] -Remove "net assistant for Firefox" (may be called: "net assistant for Mozilla") -That's it. Restart Firefox and see if it worked.

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Thanks FlipFlops2001! I used the update/simple fix, and it worked perfect!!

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it was very helpful,thanks a lot