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Yesterday the Bing tool bar was above my Firefox browser window and there was an empty space above it where there had been my Google toolbar. Also Google was no longer listed as a search engine in the drop down list that is to the right of the address bar. I selected Addons from the toolbar menu to delete the Bing toolbar but that button was greyed out. I could only disable it. I closed Firefox and went to my control panel under Add/Remove programs but there is no listing for Bing.

Somehow Bing has replaced Google and I don't know how to return it to the way it was.

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See Removing the Search Helper Extension and Bing Bar

For info, if it has not done so already, the Bing Bar will soon automatically be disabled. Microsoft have discovered a security issue with it and have requested that Mozilla block the Bing Bar - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2430460

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I want to remove the Bing Bar from my addons, but the bing bar has been blocked, which also seems to remove all possibility of uninstalling it. I want it GONE. It is not in add/remove programs. It is not in profiles and it is not anywhere on my computer that I can find by searching for about a dozen different MSN/Bing etc names. But is shows up as being blocked in my addons and it is still visible in my plugins. Please, Please, Please tell me how to get rid of this useless c**p before I resort to a full erase and reinstall of windows. Surely someone out there is clever enough to figure out a way to delete a blocked addon.