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I need to silently install the latest Mozilla firefox on Win7 machines, I do not see any .msi available and the /S or -S commands on the setup.exe installer does not work. Does someone know what can I do?


I need the silent install of firefox for image deployment.

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The command line switch for silent installation is now -ms

If you prefer an .msi installer, a company called FrontMotion create .msi installers for Firefox - http://www.frontmotion.com/Firefox/download_firefox.htm

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The command line switch for silent installation is now -ms

If you prefer an .msi installer, a company called FrontMotion create .msi installers for Firefox - http://www.frontmotion.com/Firefox/download_firefox.htm

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Great Tony! It worked. Thanks a lot. I'll use the -ms command.  :)

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For windows 7, you can use the -ms switch. For example, I have a batch file that works great. It contains the following:

@Echo Installing Firefox
@start /wait "Firefox Setup 3.6.10.exe" -ms

However this does not seem to work well in windows XP. To get it to work in windows XP, I had to remove the spaces from the firefox installer and run the following command:

@start /wait FirefoxSetup3.6.10.exe -ms

If anyone has an easier way to get silent install working under XP (without renaming the firefox installer) please let me know!

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do you have the secret to customize your firefox installation, or do you only install it silently? Sorry for the late question ;-)

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No, I just needed the silent installation. Maybe Tony knows the answer for you :)

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Okay so I have seen all of these solutions. I have even seen a reference to a configuration ini file but almost nothing on how to use it. Like how do I automatically configure my home page? And how do I disable the first run experience so that it does not run every time a new user logs in? I found something called Foxlock but it practically requires me to learn a whole new language with no reference! No command reference, no syntax, Nada! Unless of course you count the page long dissertation at the head of the configuration file. It makes absolutely no sense. To be honest I'd be happy to stay with IE, for which I can download an automated installation kit from Microsoft. Unfortunately I have been tasked to install Firefox on 1000 public access computers that have already been deployed with pre-configured user profiles that are locked down. with everything else that we have to do there is no way my techs are going to be able to do this manually! And I don't have time to learn a new language!

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to customize Firefox prior to deploying in your environment you can either edit preferences.js or create a file called user.js. I believe creating user.js is the best choice as the end user will not have the ability to overwrite your original settings.


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@hacklan07 - The START command expects that the first section in quotes to just be a name for the window that opens. It's the second part that's the actual command to run. It's kind of confusing, but just try this: @ECHO. @ECHO Installing Firefox @START /WAIT "Firefox Installer" "Firefox Setup 3.6.10.exe" -ms

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The link doesn't actually explain how you deploy the user.js file or where one would find the preferences.JS file. I believe you used to be able to extract all the files from the exe but this doesn't seem to be an option now.

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This website has a detailed process for creating a customised deployment of Firefox 4 (for deploying to multiple computers on a network).

It includes:

  • Adding a proxy server for all users
  • Setting a default homepage for all users
  • Disabling auto-updates for all users

see: http://mockbox.net/configmgr-sccm/174-install-and-configure-firefox-silently.html

jhiltabidel 0 solutions 1 answers

The complete solution can be found here:


Here is the batch I use to deploy the custom version of Firefox 6. See site above for the file contents.

"\\yournetworkshare\Custom Made\Firefox Setup 6.0.2.exe" -ms copy "\\yournetworkshare\Custom Made\override.ini" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" copy "\\yournetworkshare\Custom Made\mozilla.cfg" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" copy "\\yournetworkshare\Custom Made\local-settings.js" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Defaults\Pref"