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How to change tab colors


I am trying to change my tab colors to match my pink window color. I do not want to have to download some entire whole new theme by going to addons.mozilla or whatever that site is! I can't believe I cannot just change my tabs color by going to tools. This is ridiculous. Also, i would like to change the picture for behind my tool bars and my search bar. I have it set to the ladybugs one but I have grown tired of it. i did not install the ladybugs background, I simply just clicked a few things in I think tools, but I can't seem to do it again. I will not install an entire new theme just to change the ladybugs behind my tool bars.

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You can uninstall your current Persona and revert to the Default theme (Tools > Add-ons > Themes).

See Personas and Use themes to change the look of Firefox

There are extensions that can change the tab colors or you can do a search on the userstyles.org site for code that you can use in userChrome.css.

See also http://www.linnhe2.free-online.co.uk/firefox/chrome.html#Tab%20colours

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