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why doesnt my youtube downloader work?(add-on)


well i recently downloaded this one add on called 1 Click YouTube Download. and it worked perfectly fine for about a month or so, and i tried downloading another video yesterday and just now and it won't work. on the downloads pop up box it just says 0bytes and its like this for every video! i tried flv, mp4, 3GP and i even tried to use another add-on called Easy YouTube Download and that doesnt work either! it just tells me to save and then goes to the download pop up box and then it says completed with 0bytes.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== yesterday

Chosen solution

It stopped working yesterday because YouTube changed their site. Instead, use Final Video Downloader: http://www.finalvideodownloader.com

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Question owner

Same problem here. I just updated to the newest version of Firefox 3.6.7 Now, neither 1 Click YouTube Download or the Download Helper will work. Just shows 0 bytes on download finish. Leaves me wondering typically how long things like this take to fix and wishing I hadn't updated yet. :P

Question owner

I asked the same thing earlier on a forum, everytime you upgrade Firefox, you have to update yoru add-ons BUT that does NOT mean they will work as i discovered

I used to swear by Firefox and have a blog where i punt it but i am most definitely moving to Opera, just installed it, it's FAR quicker and their 'widgets' actually work

it seems to me that with firefox, everytime you update the programmers of the addons need to amend their code, it's ridiculous really but luckily there IS competition out there

Try Opera and you wont look back, loads quicker, renders pages faster and their widgets aka addons WORK!

Chosen Solution

It stopped working yesterday because YouTube changed their site. Instead, use Final Video Downloader: http://www.finalvideodownloader.com

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I have found the best software for downloading youtube videos its called IDM its free and unlimited go to the link below http://www.softwarehomes.com/index.php?option=com_jdownloads&Itemid=235&task=viewcategory&catid=152 PLEASE DONT UPGRADE IT OR ELSE IT WILL STOP WORKING please rate it if you like it Regards Zak Martin