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How can I remove yandex toolbar?


Somehow my firefox started showing some "yandex toolbar" on it's right. There are no settings I could find to get rid of it. I even searched regedit for the "yandex" word, but could not find anything - they probably coded their name...

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  • Google Update
  • Shockwave Flash 10.0 r22
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  • Adobe Acrobat Plug-In Version 7.00 for Netscape


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There should be a remove/disable button to erase the toolbar. The first thing to try out to remove it is to go to Tools>Addons>Extensions and look for the toolbar you would like to uninstall. If it is not there you can try looking for it in the Control Panel. In Windows XP Go to Start>Control Panel then switch to Classic view and go to Add/Remove Programs and Features then look for Yandex Toolbar and uninstall it.

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The Moses advise did not help. Yandex toolbar does not show in the Tools>Addons>Extensions, and it is not in the Add/Remove Programs and Features

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Nope, that ExterminateIt thing did not work. I downloaded it and scanned my computer - 0 result. Btw, this ExterminateIt tool is not what I would suggest to someone. Rip off.

Please, pros!, I need your help. Only in Mozilla I have that stupid yandex search bar. My mozilla is raped and crying with crocodile tears...

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it is not under yandex it is under some other name its the stupidest one i deleted it the first letter looks like a backwards R. you first go to tools then to Add-ons after that Extensions then look for the only word that starts with a backwards R capital R. 'i got most of this of another person but i just fixed it. ' Half credit for me and the other for MJB.

alexisa 0 solutions 2 answers

i found a pic on the real name of that yandex toolbare. IT IS JUST THE TOP PART NOT THE PART THAT STARTS WITH AN H

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It is really very easy. Just from Menu Bar go Tools->Add ons->Extentions On Яндекс.Бар click Remove. Restart Firefox. That's it.