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How do I turn off all keyboard shortcuts?


Like many people I suck at typing. For some reason, a certain accidental keystroke combo makes me go back the to the previous page, thereby losing everything I typed, such as form data or forum comments. This happens randomly and I NEVER use keyboard shortcuts while browsing because I always use the mouse except when typing. I really, really want to disable all keyboard shortcuts but there is no option to do this. What do I do? Go back to Exploder? I hope not!

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Try to disable them with the Keyconfig extension. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Keyconfig_extension - Keyconfig_extension http://dorando.emuverse.com/projects/mozilla/readme.html

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It might help to know that the keyboard shortcut you probably keep accidentally hitting is backspace (when a form field is not focussed). Note that you can press Forward again and often you will get back to the page you just left, with forms intact.


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For disabling the backspace action you can set the pref browser.backspace_action to 2 on the about:config page.

See http://kb.mozillazine.org/browser.backspace_action

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Well i have same problem and i don't press "Backspace" when this happens.

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Please do not use old, existing, threads to ask a question, but start a new thread.

Then you can provide troubleshooting information like your operating system and installed plugins (about:plugins), and extensions (Tools > Add-ons) and we will be better able to help you.

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Those keyboard shortcuts are a god awful pos. I've lost so much data it's ridiculous because of them. I have no idea what happens. My fingers slip off a key and, boom, I get switched to another page and I never see the stuff I've been typing again. You just made my decision to go with Opera much easier to make. There's absolutely no reason for those shortcuts. All they do is ruin the work I'm doing. I have no idea what key combination it is. I just know that suddenly. for no reason I can find, I lose everything I've typed for the last 20 minutes, all the work I've put into the things I've typed, and all the time I've put in. What a total joke. You make me screaming mad because you and your "gotta put new stuff in there" attitude has just made my life miserable. Thanks for nothing.

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84 users have this problem (myself included) but I don't see that anyone has told us how to disable ALL keyboard shortcuts. Isn't there one simple way to turn all keyboard shortcuts off in FF8 (or earlier versions)?

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Sorry, there is no switch to turn off all keyboard shortcuts in ant version of Firefox.

Other than the Backspace key, Esc key, and the Cursor / Navigation part of the keyboard, most single key shortcuts involve the F-keys or are multiple key combos using a modifier key - Shft, Alt, or Ctrl.