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When I go to the ABC News website an icon in the URL slot tells me I have granted this website additional permissions. I don't grant additional permissions. I don't even accept cookies. I clean my computer after EVERY browsing session with CCleaner. I am thoroughly disgusted with the incessant onslaught of cyber intrusion on my personal privacy. I don't know what additional permissions I supposedly granted because I would never consciously grant anyone any permission. My question is how do I remove these additional permissions that I miraculously granted? Now I have blocked automatic play of audio/video on the website. I see that as a removal of a permission not a granting. Is this why I am seeing a granted additional permissions icon? Or am I just going to have to stop using ABC's website? Any guidance you can offer is appreciated.

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hello wtf,

if you look next to the far left of url field, you will find a little incon that looks like a couple of monkey wrenches that you can click and see additional info.

also while i can understand the use of that app you mentioned, i dont recommend it.

regardless, i think you will gain better insight with a browser app that i have used for a couple of years.

its called "privacy badger"

it will show you everything that is being used by the websites, tell you the threat levels, and give you the opportunity to block any of them.

but for the most part, the app automatically blocks those that are evil.

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Thanks for the input. I added Privacy Badger but apparently the newer version lacks some of the features that you mentioned. It is interesting because the options/screens that I see on my computer look absolutely NOTHING like the ones shown on the "Tour" at the website. I just simply won't access ABC News ever, ever again. Eventually I won't need a browser because I will refuse to visit any sites.


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Hello Wtf,

Our digital world is becoming very complicated and frustrating. But i wouldnt be too concern with the "permissions". You see, not all "permissions" are requested by webpages for people. Instead, it is one machine seeking permission from another to download web page information.

Indeed, some computers will be set to deny "permissions", like chinese computers denying permissions to download american webpages for viewing by the east asians.

Or a parent can deny permissions for the computer to be used by kids to visit certain webpages, like rated xxx types.

Or a website may want to know if your computer has permission to visit its website, such as wallstreet journal.

So permissions should not be something for you to worry about because 1) you are an adult and can handle serious and horrible news that ABC may download and 2) your computer has standard features to protect you from the majority of malware that are disguised with webpages by some evil websites.

My suggestion is to have fun with your computer and visit webpages from companies that interest you.

In regards to privacy badger, it is only showing you the most important things to protect "your privacy". All else is not related to your privacy.

fyi - is safe to visit. on the other hand, be weary with !  :-)


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